So I stayed in US during my Christmas break. My sister came over from Poland to visit me. We stayed couple days in Chicago , then came back to Purdue and after that went on a trip to NYC. We spent the Christmas day in my apartment on campus, I had my Brazilian friend staying over and my American roommate, so we had an international dinner 🙂 It was a big relief after waiting for the final results. Yes, the first semester ends before Christmas break, as well as the final exams. Luckily, I passed everything 🙂

It was an amazing experience, cos we used Couchsurfing everywhere we stayed. I highly recommend that way of traveling. We met local people who show us not only the tourist areas and attractions. 🙂 We stayed in Brooklyn. Visited most of the districts in Manhattan. My favorite one is Little Italy, all these Italian restaurants are just adorable. You can really feel like you moved to the Godfather movie.

New semester at Purdue started very rapidly, I didn’t even notice when. The only thing that I can complain about is the weather – it’s SO COLD in here! All the time around -15 degrees and the snow. I have enough…and the spring should come hmmm in April! That’s why I can’t wait for the spring break to go to some warm places.

Some pics from my trips:


Chicago Bean




View from the SkyDeck in Chicago (110 floors!)



Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC


Hard Rock Cafe NYC



Times Square

American Museum of Natural History NYC


Rockefeller Center NYC

Central Park NYC

Statue of Liberty
9/11 Memorial

Manhattan View


As my first semester of university came to an end, I can confidently say that I have learned a lot from these past few months and grown tremendously as a person. It was very challenging time but I see how much I have changed myself from the last September.

First of all, the key point to finish a semester with good grades is systematicity and hard-work. I have never seen more motivated and hard-working students before, as I see here in Canada. They are very smart, hard-working and they always do their best on assignments and exams. It is extremely motivational because when I look at them I want to be as good as they are. As the University of Ottawa is the largest bilingual university in the world, mostly all of students are bilingual and they are taking some courses in English and some in French. I can also say that I have improved my French  skills a little bit, as the all informations are given in French and English. Also I have some friends from France who are also on the exchange and in the first semester I used to live in Gatineau – the other side of Ottawa, which belongs to the Quebec province so I have met many “Quebecois”, and their first language was French.

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Dwi erioed wedi dathlu Diolchgarwch o’r blaen ond yn fuan roeddwn am ddarganfod allan. Deallaf eu bod yn amser lle mae’r teulu yn dod at ei gilydd am bryd o fwyd ac yn gwerthfawrogi’r hyn sydd ganddynt ond synnais ar y rhai oedd yn anymwybodol ein bod ni ddim yn dathlu hyn ym Mhrydain. Plannwyd fy nhad a finnau i deithio i Efrog Newydd gan fy mod ers talwm wedi torri bol o eisiau mynd yno. Roedd popeth wedi eu trefnu; yr awyren, y ticedi i fynd i Broadway, y bws, hyd yn oed y brecwast. Gwyddant fod Buffalo wedi bod o dan wyth troedfedd o eira ond ni feddyliwyd y byddwn am gael ein heffeithio gan ddaw i Manhattan roeddent yn trafeili. Continue reading

I have never celebrated Thanksgiving before, but I was soon to find out.

I was told that it’s when families get together for food and appreciating everything they have though I was surprised to hear how some were unaware that we don’t celebrate this event in the UK.

My Dad and I planned to go to New York as it’s a place that I’d always wanted to go. Everything was sorted; the flights, Broadway tickets, the bus, even breakfast. Every tiny little detail was organised. We knew that Buffalo had some series weather concern; being under 8ft of snow but we didn’t think we would be affected as we were traveling to Manhattan.

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Is it really another Thursday already? The time flies, but here we go. I have the third edition of Expectations vs reality about the exchange program in USA. I would like to hear some feedback, if you want me to continue with this type of posts or rather not 😛

Today I’m going to talk about HUGE American holiday that happened last week, the one and only THANKSGIVING! It is so important that even my dorms got closed and I became homeless…. Continue reading

Winter has finally arrived in Ottawa!IMG_1212


At the moment I`m enjoying the weather here, because it is not much colder than the winters I am used to back home in Germany. But, the winter starts and the snow arrives much earlier here than I`m used to! I’m already wearing my thick winter clothes, so it’s going to be interesting to experience Ottawa’s extreme winter weather later on which is apparently often more than -30C! Continue reading

Yr ateb i hapusrwydd yw bod yn hael, yn llawenydd, ac i werthfawrogi beth sydd gennoch. Allai ddim gofyn am fwy. Yn bendant dwi wedi mwynhau’r amser ac wedi dysgu shwt  gymaint am fywyd America ac am fy hunan. Mae’r diwedd yn agosáu a dwi’n bwriadu i wneud y gorau ohono gyda fy ffrindiau rhyngwladol.


Ar hyn o bryd, dwi’n eistedd yn Starbucks ac mae hi’n 8:30yb. Dwi’n edrych allan trwy’r ffenest ac yn dechrau breuddwydio. Mae’r eira, o’r diwedd, wedi setlo ac fel dwi’n ysgrifennu hwn canai gan drist ond un bwerus. Dwi ffaeli deg a helpu ond mae’r holl atgofion melys dwi wedi creu yn llifo nôl ac yn dechrau cael effaih arnaf ond dwi’n gwneud fy nghorau i ddal fy emosiwn at ei gilydd. Mae pawb eraill yn mynd ymlaen gyda’i bywydau, ond dwi methu helpu ond i deimlo pan fyddai yn mynd nôl i Aberystwyth a’r siawns na fyddaf yn gweld fy ffrindiau rhyngwladol eto. Rydym wedi cytuno, un diwrnod, fe fyddwn ni am deithio i Frasil ac fe fyddwn nhw am ddod i Aberystwyth ymweld â Caroline, Maggie (sydd hefyd yn astudio yno) i aduno.

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Being generous, full of joy and appreciate what you have is the key to a happy heart. I couldn’t ask for any more. I have definitely enjoyed my stay and have learned so such about the America’s life and myself. The end is near and I intent to make the most of it with all of my International friends.


I’m currently sat in Starbucks and it’s 8:30am. I’m looking through the windows as I’m starting to daydream. The snow has finally settled and as I’m writing this, a sad but a powerful song is played. I cannot help, but all of my memories I’ve created here is beginning to well up on me, but I’m doing my best to hold my emotion in. Everyone else is going on with life, but I can’t help but feeling I will go back to Aberystwyth and not ever see my International friends again. One day, I hope we will travel to Brazil and they will come to Aberystwyth to visit Caroline, Maggie (who studies there too) and myself and be re-united.

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As promised, here you have the second part of Expectations and reality, in case you missed the first one, click HERE. In short, in these posts I will compare and analyze my expectations of the exchange program before I came to Bowling Green, USA and how they turned out after more than 3 months living here. Today I will be looking at the social life and the free time.

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