Is it really another Thursday already? The time flies, but here we go. I have the third edition of Expectations vs reality about the exchange program in USA. I would like to hear some feedback, if you want me to continue with this type of posts or rather not 😛

Today I’m going to talk about HUGE American holiday that happened last week, the one and only THANKSGIVING! It is so important that even my dorms got closed and I became homeless…. Continue reading


As promised, here you have the second part of Expectations and reality, in case you missed the first one, click HERE. In short, in these posts I will compare and analyze my expectations of the exchange program before I came to Bowling Green, USA and how they turned out after more than 3 months living here. Today I will be looking at the social life and the free time.

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I have decided to come with this new format of posts, which will analyse and compare my expectations of American college life I had before arriving here (Bowling Green State University) and how they turned out. I think it can be very interesting to go back and see how ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ I was,  and furthermore how I culturally adapted to these differences.

My ever first post then will be on the Life in a dorm and Course work! Of course there are many pictures to illustrate things I will be talking about!

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So last weekend, here at BGSU we had Homecoming weekend! For those who don’t know what it means- it’s a weekend during which university alumni come home to visit the uni and there is a big game on Saturday! Of course in America everything is exaggerated and this means there is million other events going on at the same time!

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I’m very sorry for posting later than promised. The university work is consuming most of my time but I finally found a space in my timetable and an inspiration!


Picture from my senior prom, Southwestern Wisconsin High School


As many of you probably don’t know, this isn’t my first time in United States. I have already completed an exchange program back in 2010/2011 when I was in high school. Many things I experience now are similar, bringing back memories yet some are just totally different. In this post I would like to go back 4 years and try to compare how similar and different these experiences are.

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Do you know that feeling when the moments that you hate drag so long but the ones you enjoy go fast as light?

My first week in Bowling Green, Ohio USA has passed, the next one is already in the middle and I didn’t even fully realize what happened. I have so many new experiences, memories, new friends and I would love to share few of these with you in my posts every other Thursday. I will start generally posting about the life in USA, but I will probably concentrate one way as I progress with writing these blogs. How that happens will also depend on you, so please let me know any suggestions in the comments.

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