Dwi erioed wedi dathlu Diolchgarwch o’r blaen ond yn fuan roeddwn am ddarganfod allan. Deallaf eu bod yn amser lle mae’r teulu yn dod at ei gilydd am bryd o fwyd ac yn gwerthfawrogi’r hyn sydd ganddynt ond synnais ar y rhai oedd yn anymwybodol ein bod ni ddim yn dathlu hyn ym Mhrydain. Plannwyd fy nhad a finnau i deithio i Efrog Newydd gan fy mod ers talwm wedi torri bol o eisiau mynd yno. Roedd popeth wedi eu trefnu; yr awyren, y ticedi i fynd i Broadway, y bws, hyd yn oed y brecwast. Gwyddant fod Buffalo wedi bod o dan wyth troedfedd o eira ond ni feddyliwyd y byddwn am gael ein heffeithio gan ddaw i Manhattan roeddent yn trafeili. Continue reading

I have never celebrated Thanksgiving before, but I was soon to find out.

I was told that it’s when families get together for food and appreciating everything they have though I was surprised to hear how some were unaware that we don’t celebrate this event in the UK.

My Dad and I planned to go to New York as it’s a place that I’d always wanted to go. Everything was sorted; the flights, Broadway tickets, the bus, even breakfast. Every tiny little detail was organised. We knew that Buffalo had some series weather concern; being under 8ft of snow but we didn’t think we would be affected as we were traveling to Manhattan.

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Yr ateb i hapusrwydd yw bod yn hael, yn llawenydd, ac i werthfawrogi beth sydd gennoch. Allai ddim gofyn am fwy. Yn bendant dwi wedi mwynhau’r amser ac wedi dysgu shwt  gymaint am fywyd America ac am fy hunan. Mae’r diwedd yn agosáu a dwi’n bwriadu i wneud y gorau ohono gyda fy ffrindiau rhyngwladol.


Ar hyn o bryd, dwi’n eistedd yn Starbucks ac mae hi’n 8:30yb. Dwi’n edrych allan trwy’r ffenest ac yn dechrau breuddwydio. Mae’r eira, o’r diwedd, wedi setlo ac fel dwi’n ysgrifennu hwn canai gan drist ond un bwerus. Dwi ffaeli deg a helpu ond mae’r holl atgofion melys dwi wedi creu yn llifo nôl ac yn dechrau cael effaih arnaf ond dwi’n gwneud fy nghorau i ddal fy emosiwn at ei gilydd. Mae pawb eraill yn mynd ymlaen gyda’i bywydau, ond dwi methu helpu ond i deimlo pan fyddai yn mynd nôl i Aberystwyth a’r siawns na fyddaf yn gweld fy ffrindiau rhyngwladol eto. Rydym wedi cytuno, un diwrnod, fe fyddwn ni am deithio i Frasil ac fe fyddwn nhw am ddod i Aberystwyth ymweld â Caroline, Maggie (sydd hefyd yn astudio yno) i aduno.

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Being generous, full of joy and appreciate what you have is the key to a happy heart. I couldn’t ask for any more. I have definitely enjoyed my stay and have learned so such about the America’s life and myself. The end is near and I intent to make the most of it with all of my International friends.


I’m currently sat in Starbucks and it’s 8:30am. I’m looking through the windows as I’m starting to daydream. The snow has finally settled and as I’m writing this, a sad but a powerful song is played. I cannot help, but all of my memories I’ve created here is beginning to well up on me, but I’m doing my best to hold my emotion in. Everyone else is going on with life, but I can’t help but feeling I will go back to Aberystwyth and not ever see my International friends again. One day, I hope we will travel to Brazil and they will come to Aberystwyth to visit Caroline, Maggie (who studies there too) and myself and be re-united.

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Waw! Mae dwy fis a bron tair wythnos wedi mynd. Dyna ddeuddeg wythnos ac ond chwech ar ôl. Dwi’n dymuno’r gallu i rewi bysau’r cloc neu ymestyn y diwrnodau yn hirach er mwyn gallu cymryd cam yn ôl o bopeth a phinsio fy hunan i sicrhau’r bod hwn yn wirioneddol yn digwydd. Does dim tamaid ohonof sydd yn difaru fy mhenderfyniad. Dwi’n dysgu sgiliau newydd a dwi’n dysgu mwy amdanaf; fel person. Dwi wedi dod yn llawer fwy cymhelliant ac yn gyrru fy hunan i wneud yn dda mewn beth bynnag.

Ers fy mlog diwethaf dwi wedi bod i weld fy ngem gyntaf o hoci iâ gyda’r teulu America ond rhan fwyaf o’r amser doedd gennai ddim cliw o beth oedd yn mynd ymlaen gyda’r rheolau a pam bod rhaid i’r myfyrwyr sefyll i fyny i wylio’r gêm a chydio mewn papur newydd o flaen eu hwynebau pan gyflwynid y chwaraeir o’r tîm arall. Parwyd y gêm am awr; ugain munud ar y tro gyda chwarter awr o frêc rhyngddynt lle fyddai’r merched yn gwneud ryw berfformiad ddawns ac yna ddaeth Freddie a Frieda, y masgotiaid, i sglefrio o gwmpas a chodi llaw ar bawb. Yn yr egwyl ddiwethaf ddaethant a darn o bren oedd yn ffitio tu fewn i’r gôl lle oedd angen anelu’r ddisg ddu mewn i un o dri thwll er mwyn ennill rhestr ddiddiwedd o fwyd. Yn anffodus fe fethodd. Roedd yna hefyd egwyl pum munud yng nghanol y gêm lle’r oedd y plant iau yn dod ymlaen i gasglu unrhyw rew oedd wedi ymgasglu o amgylch y gôl.

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Wow! Two months and about three weeks have already gone. That’s twelve weeks and only six left. I wish I could freeze the fingers of the clock or stretch the days longer and take a step back; pinching myself to make sure that this is real. There’s not a single thought inside of me that regrets this decision. I’m learning new skills and I’m learning more about me; as a person. I’ve become more motivated and I’m thriving to do well whatever that might be.

Since my last blog I’ve been to my first ever Ice Hockey game with my host family but most of the time I hadn’t got a clue of what was going on with all these rules and why all the students had to stand up for the entire game and holding a newspaper to cover their faces when introduced the other players. The game lasted about an hour game but with twenty minutes played three times and a quarter of an hour break in between where these girls did figure skating then Freddie and Frieda (BG mascot) would come and skate around the arena; waving to everyone and after they brought a wooden cutout that fitted into the goal with three holes at the bottom where someone had to hit the puck in order to win their meal which was an endless list of fast food. Unlucky he didn’t get them. There was also five-minute brake where the younger children would come and clear any ice that collected by the goal.

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Dwi wastad wedi hoffi’r syniad o drafeili ond byth wedi gallu chwilio’r amser i wneud, tan nawr. Fyddwn yn siomedig petaswn yn gadael yma heb fynd i weld unlle arall a fydd yr adeg yma o’r gwyliau yn amser gwych i fynd i lefydd na fyddwn wedi mynd os na fyddwn wedi mynd i astudio tramor.

Penderfynodd fy nain a fy nhaid i ddod i’m gweld i, felly fe logwyd gar a theithiom tuag at Ogledd Ddwyrain. Fe hedfanwyd i Fichigan yng nghyntaf i weld perthynas ac yna ddaethant i Bowling Green ar ddydd Mercher ac aros y noson mewn gwesty gyferbyn y campws. Mewn fflat hen bobl mae cyfnither i Nain yn byw ac fe arhoswyd nhw yno mewn fflat ar gyfer ymwelwyr, ond oriau iddyn nhw gyrraedd dyma dân yn dechrau tua pum drws i lawr ac fe orfododd i’r berthynas adael ei fflat am gwbl o ddiwrnodau, ac roedd hynny yn hynod o anffodus.

Cerddom lawr i ganol dref ac aethom am baned yn Panera cyn cerdded tuag at Chamber of Commerce gan obeithio y byddent fedru rhoi cyfarwyddiadau gogyfer ein siwrne. Fe brintiwyd map i ni ac fe ymchwiliwyd mewn i ardal Amish oherwydd soniwyd bod gennym ddiddordeb i ymweld a. Daeth Cyfarwyddwr y busnes allan o’i swyddfa ac wrth gwrs roeddent nhw gyd yn medru dweud nad oeddent o America oherwydd yr acen. Fe atebon gan ddweud y bod ni o Gymru yn nhref Aberystwyth a bod Nain a Taid wedi dod i ymweld â fi yn ystod y gwyliau ‘Fall’ a fy mod i yn fyfyrwyr yma yn Bowling Green fel myfyrwraig cyfnewid. Fe newidiodd ei hwyneb yn syth, roedd hi’n ymddangos fel ei bod hi wedi synnu. Fe ddysgom wrthi fod ei mab hi wedi gwneud yr union yr un peth ond y ffordd arall ryw bum mlynedd yn ôl. Dywedodd hi fod ei mab wedi astudio yn Aberystwyth am flwyddyn i fod yn ddoctor yn Aberystwyth a’i bod wedi dwli ar y lle.

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I’ve always loved the idea of going travelling but never have found the time. Now I’m in America, it will be sad if I left here without visiting other states or cities and fall break will be an excellent time to go to places that I would never of gone if I hadn’t decide to study abroad.

My grandparents decided that they wanted to come and visit me so we hired a car and traveled up North East. They flew to Michigan first to see a relative and then on Wednesday they came down to Bowling Green and stayed at a hotel for the first night. My grandmother’s cousin, Sue, lives at an old people’s apartment which had a flat that visitor’s could stay, but soon after they arrived, a fire broke out in an apartment; five doors down so she had to evacuate for several days which was very unfortunate.

I took them to Main Street and we stopped at ‘Panera’s bread’ for some tea before heading towards Chamber of Commerce in the hope they could help us with directions for our journey. They printed the directions and the instructions for each destination as well as information about an Amish village, which we mentioned that we would like to visit. The Executive Director then came out from the back office and obviously by our accent they all knew that we weren’t from here. We replied by saying that we are from Wales; in a town called Aberystwyth and that my grandparents were visiting me as it was fall break and that I’m currently studying abroad. Her faced suddenly changed, she seemed so surprise and we learnt that her son did the same but reverse about five years ago. She said that he came to Aberystwyth to study as a doctor and he’d absolutely loved the place.

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Dwi’n teimlo fod angen ail ran i’w gael o’r blog diwethaf oherwydd bod cymaint yn digwydd, mae’n anodd meddwl am bopeth a’i fynegi mewn geiriau.


Dwi wedi bod i America dwywaith ond hwn yw y tro cyntaf i mi fod yn Ohio. Disgrifiaf y lle fel cymuned glos, debyg i Aberystwyth. Yma, mae yna lefydd bwytai, archfarchnadoedd, siopau dillad ac wedyn mae’r  cefn gwlad gyda’r ffermiai, caeau ŷd, melinau gwynt. Felly mae yna elfen o Gymru yma gyda mi.

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I feel like there should be a second part to my previous blog because as I said; there is so much happening, it’s hard to think about everything and cram it all into words.


I’ve been to America’s twice but this is the first time I’ve been to Ohio. I would describe the town as a close community like Aberystwyth. Here you have a town with restaurant, food store and clothes store and then you have the farms, the corn-field and the countryside so there is an element of Wales here with me.

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