As my first semester of university came to an end, I can confidently say that I have learned a lot from these past few months and grown tremendously as a person. It was very challenging time but I see how much I have changed myself from the last September.

First of all, the key point to finish a semester with good grades is systematicity and hard-work. I have never seen more motivated and hard-working students before, as I see here in Canada. They are very smart, hard-working and they always do their best on assignments and exams. It is extremely motivational because when I look at them I want to be as good as they are. As the University of Ottawa is the largest bilingual university in the world, mostly all of students are bilingual and they are taking some courses in English and some in French. I can also say that I have improved my French  skills a little bit, as the all informations are given in French and English. Also I have some friends from France who are also on the exchange and in the first semester I used to live in Gatineau – the other side of Ottawa, which belongs to the Quebec province so I have met many “Quebecois”, and their first language was French.

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Time is passing so quickly and lots of things are happening here. I have already had two midterms which went… I have no idea how, I am still waiting for the results.  I am having a reading week now, but I have decided to stay in Ottawa, because even if I have no classes this week, I have three other exams next week and I have to study hard for them + I am busy with my work. (btw. Zoey visited New York City last week, so I am pretty sure she will post something nice here :D) Anyway,  I am also enjoying my time in Ottawa during the reading week. The weather was perfect till yesterday, so I was hiking a lot. Once with the people from the University, and many times by my own or with my host. You can  see some pictures below. Even if it looks like a recreational trip, there were many demanding and steep parts of trail where I had to climb and push myself to get to the top, like Waterfall Trail in Gatineau Park. It was worth the effort, because view from the top was absolutely breathtaking.

I hope all of you are having fun on your exchange and I am waiting for your posts as well ! I am going back to my assignments but I hope to be back soon 🙂


Waterfall Trail, Gatineau Park.

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I still can’t believe I am here. After a 10 hours long flight, I’ve finally arrived in Montreal. I remember my excitement when the plane was about to touch the ground and I when relized that I was on a different continent far away from Europe. In one second, my tiredness had gone away. After leaving the plane I applied for a study permit which took almost 4 hours of waiting! Once out of the airport, I got a taxi to my host from the couchsurfing site, because I thought it would be nice to see Montreal before coming to Ottawa. My time in Montreal was amazing to say the least. My host made me feel comfortable at his place, he was very carying and he took me and two other awesome couchsurfer’s (from Brasil) on a trip to the Mont-Royal where we had a nice view of Montreal , as you can see below.



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