Winter has finally arrived in Ottawa!IMG_1212


At the moment I`m enjoying the weather here, because it is not much colder than the winters I am used to back home in Germany. But, the winter starts and the snow arrives much earlier here than I`m used to! I’m already wearing my thick winter clothes, so it’s going to be interesting to experience Ottawa’s extreme winter weather later on which is apparently often more than -30C! Continue reading

Hi guys!

In the past couple of weeks such a lot has happened!

As you probably heard, there was a shooting in Ottawa on Wednesday, October 22nd, where a soldier was shot while he was on duty standing guard at the war memorial in the centre of Ottawa.

After shooting the soldier, the gunman went into the main Canadian Parliament building just a few 100 meters away. There was more shooting until a security guard finally shot the gunman.

While all this was happening, I was studying in the university library which is quite close to Parliament hill, when suddenly the library building, like all other public buildings in the area went into so called “lockdown” mode. Meaning, no one could get in or out. After a few nervous hours glued to the Web trying to find out what was happening outside, we were allowed to leave the library, but not allowed to go back in again. When we got out of the library all the shops were shut, and the busses weren`t running through the city centre anymore. It was a very sad day for this peaceful city. Continue reading

Wow! So many things have happened since I last blogged.

As I mentioned last time, the Canadian students are always very hard working.  When we (them and now me too!) are not in lectures, we are all in the library studying hard. I’ve already had 3 midterms and there are more coming up soon.

To celebrate Thanksgiving, uOttawa have given us a week free of lectures – but of course, the time should be used for self-study and project work 😉 Continue reading

I have been in Ottawa for almost 2 weeks now, although I was very close to missing my connection flight from Frankfurt. And I was pretty lucky to miss the Lufthansa pilot strike!

When I came out of the airport, I noticed straight away how friendly, happy and helpful the Canadians are! When I asked a man riding a bicycle, if I’m going in the right direction, he got off his bike and walked with me all the way to my new home! Continue reading

In two days I will already be sitting in my new home in Ottawa =) I`m starting to get very excited about leaving, but even though I started packing my stuff a week ago, I’m still not properly realizing that I`m actually leaving for a year to Canada! I think it will only get real when I have landed in Ottawa and have been living there for a few weeks! Packing one suitcase for a whole year also was quite a challenge! I guess, I will have to buy a few things in Ottawa like proper winter clothes for the cold Canadian winter 😉  Continue reading