As promised, here you have the second part of Expectations and reality, in case you missed the first one, click HERE. In short, in these posts I will compare and analyze my expectations of the exchange program before I came to Bowling Green, USA and how they turned out after more than 3 months living here. Today I will be looking at the social life and the free time.

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Time is passing so quickly and lots of things are happening here. I have already had two midterms which went… I have no idea how, I am still waiting for the results.  I am having a reading week now, but I have decided to stay in Ottawa, because even if I have no classes this week, I have three other exams next week and I have to study hard for them + I am busy with my work. (btw. Zoey visited New York City last week, so I am pretty sure she will post something nice here :D) Anyway,  I am also enjoying my time in Ottawa during the reading week. The weather was perfect till yesterday, so I was hiking a lot. Once with the people from the University, and many times by my own or with my host. You can  see some pictures below. Even if it looks like a recreational trip, there were many demanding and steep parts of trail where I had to climb and push myself to get to the top, like Waterfall Trail in Gatineau Park. It was worth the effort, because view from the top was absolutely breathtaking.

I hope all of you are having fun on your exchange and I am waiting for your posts as well ! I am going back to my assignments but I hope to be back soon 🙂


Waterfall Trail, Gatineau Park.

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So last weekend, here at BGSU we had Homecoming weekend! For those who don’t know what it means- it’s a weekend during which university alumni come home to visit the uni and there is a big game on Saturday! Of course in America everything is exaggerated and this means there is million other events going on at the same time!

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