Fall is here.
Fall is here.

Wow it’s been over a month and a half since I’ve arrived, and already just like any other year at uni it has had its ups and downs. Fall is here but it’s still warm I’m beginning to think that it never gets cold here. Since my last update I’ve had my first two dreaded midterms (on the same day, since it seems the schedules are identical apart from the material), which I still can’t get over how much I’ve already learnt.  Continue reading

Getting off my last flight in Boise

Arriving was all good, even if it was two 1 and half hour flights only split up by the run to my 10 hour flights departure gate. Walking of the last flight having arrived in Boise I breathed a sigh of relief I was finally in America, I was met at the airport by someone from the university, all that was left was to get was my suitcase and that was where it went wrong.

It just wasn’t there.

Several phone calls and many hours later I had my bag!!!! I think I may have hugged it in my jet lagged state (don’t laugh jet lag does funny things to people okay).  Continue reading