Sorry for a long delay! It’s been a crazy time. 🙂

I have exams every week. Sounds scary, but if I focus during classes I don’t have to revise much. Ufff, love my memory!

Ok, so I can say that my life here is pretty much a good comedy 🙂 So many funny things happened that I sometimes wonder if it’s even real.
I’ve also joined the Western Horse Riding Team. I had to dress like a real cowboy and actually ride a horse in a show. I managed not to fall off, so I felt like a winner. haha The funny things happen also in the Vet Hospital. Most recently I was walking a dog from a medical ward to the examination room and he managed to escape…yes, I had to chase him through all of these corridors and everyone was looking at me. So embarrassing!! hahah  Continue reading

10629754_934917619869529_5781092203520742517_nHello fellas!

So after 2 weeks I can say that I’ve already fallen in love with this place.

School: The University campus is huge, literally huge. It takes about half an hour to walk through the whole place. The main building is called Purdue Memorial Union – these is the place where you can take some rest, get food, coffee, play pool and go bowling. There are many computer labs and libraries in different buildings. The most exciting place for me is the Sport’s center – it’s gigantic and everything there is new. Continue reading