Hi guys!

In the past couple of weeks such a lot has happened!

As you probably heard, there was a shooting in Ottawa on Wednesday, October 22nd, where a soldier was shot while he was on duty standing guard at the war memorial in the centre of Ottawa.

After shooting the soldier, the gunman went into the main Canadian Parliament building just a few 100 meters away. There was more shooting until a security guard finally shot the gunman.

While all this was happening, I was studying in the university library which is quite close to Parliament hill, when suddenly the library building, like all other public buildings in the area went into so called “lockdown” mode. Meaning, no one could get in or out. After a few nervous hours glued to the Web trying to find out what was happening outside, we were allowed to leave the library, but not allowed to go back in again. When we got out of the library all the shops were shut, and the busses weren`t running through the city centre anymore. It was a very sad day for this peaceful city.

By the following Saturday, things had quietened down and mostly returned to normality, so Maz, a few other friends and I went to Ottawa’s famous “Poutine Festival”. IMG_0516

A “Poutine” is very popular Canadian fast food specialty. It consists of French fries, cheese and gravy. Admittedly it does not sound very appetizing, but I assure you, they really do taste great! Because it was raining so hard we were very lucky to find an awesome red Double Decker bus where you could buy Poutines downstairs, and then go upstairs to sit and enjoy them. It was such a good Poutine! And another great Ottawa experience!


That evening I had a walk around Dow’s Lake, which is really beautiful, and you can look over the lake and see the city lit up in the background. Unfortunately though my mobile camera does not take the best pictures in the dark…


And of course not to forget Halloween last Friday. People here get very excited about it. There are pumpkins and parties everywhere, and everybody gets dressed up in costume for the occasion. I went with a friend to a Halloween house party where we met a lot of international students. It was great fun.

Last Saturday I moved house. Now I live much closer to the uni. It’s only a 20 min walk to the campus and saves me buying a bus ticket every day. Here a few pictures of the walk to uni before and during autumn:





I`m still extremely busy with a lot of course work and with the preparations for the rest of my midterm exams next week. But by the end of next week they will all be over! And I can’t tell how much I am looking forward to that 😉

Until soon,


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  1. Hi! glad you enjoyed your Poutine! our bus is called The Upper Deck Diner!! its very cool to see our bus on international websites 🙂 🙂


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