Being generous, full of joy and appreciate what you have is the key to a happy heart. I couldn’t ask for any more. I have definitely enjoyed my stay and have learned so such about the America’s life and myself. The end is near and I intent to make the most of it with all of my International friends.


I’m currently sat in Starbucks and it’s 8:30am. I’m looking through the windows as I’m starting to daydream. The snow has finally settled and as I’m writing this, a sad but a powerful song is played. I cannot help, but all of my memories I’ve created here is beginning to well up on me, but I’m doing my best to hold my emotion in. Everyone else is going on with life, but I can’t help but feeling I will go back to Aberystwyth and not ever see my International friends again. One day, I hope we will travel to Brazil and they will come to Aberystwyth to visit Caroline, Maggie (who studies there too) and myself and be re-united.

From what I’d heard when I chose Bowling Green as my host University, the International student from Bowling Green, Leah who came to Aberystwyth, described the place as a close community and a friendly environment. Without a doubt, this has been my greatest decision and the University has fulfilled that expectations.


Since I arrived, Bowling Green has been a helping hand to all of us International students to settle in. During our time here the University, Study Abroad staff, Office of Multicultural Affairs and Global Connection has prepared various activities and there are a range of organizations and events for people from different cultures to be apart of. International student welcome night, Activity picnic, Potluck at Lake Erie, shopping trips, free furniture’s, Barn Dance, World Food & Fun Night and World Student Association International Dinner to only include some and we have felt so privileged to have spent our time with such amazing people.


As I mentioned in the list above, last week as every year, the WSA (World Student Association) organized a dinner along with some entertainment for International Students. Global Connections, American host families and International organization joined and it turned out to be a delightful evening. The event opened and closed with 73 proudly waving as the student carried them to the front whilst “Waving your flag” was sung. The night included a fashion show of traditional clothes from various countries, a Spanish translation of song from the Lion King, story telling, swing dancing, Saxophone music, an Indian dance, Chinese song and a Chinese dragon performance.


Looking back, it’s extrodinary to think how much they did for International and Exchange student. I wanted to show my appreciating and give something back. When I heard that Global Connection was doing the Community Service Project I immediately wanted to be involved. Tonight (Friday) I will go to Saint John’s church and give food for the homeless people and the ones who need extra support or the church members. It’s not much to compare to what we have been given but I will know that I’ve done something to help others who will appreciate that support.




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