Is it really another Thursday already? The time flies, but here we go. I have the third edition of Expectations vs reality about the exchange program in USA. I would like to hear some feedback, if you want me to continue with this type of posts or rather not 😛

Today I’m going to talk about HUGE American holiday that happened last week, the one and only THANKSGIVING! It is so important that even my dorms got closed and I became homeless…. Thanksgiving


Expectations: I have already experienced Thanksgiving 4 years ago in Wisconsin, from which I remember huge family gathering with tons of food and games. However approaching this year I thought I wouldn’t really have an American family to spend traditional Thanksgiving with, so I thought I would just travel somwhere and not celebrate it at all.


Reality: Thanks to the Internet I was in contact with lovely Kate from Gossip Girl forum. She is surprisingly from Ohio, where I’m currently in and she generously invited me to spend Thanksgiving with her in Columbus, the capital of Ohio! I also got invitation to spend the holidays with my other Internet friend- Lujza who is from Slovakia and she studies at Oberlin college.  Yay for the Internet connecting me with fabulous people!

Therefore on Tuesday 25th I took ride with my roommate to Columbus, finally leaving Bowling Green for more than 1 day since August!! Kate picked me up at Dairy Queen and we drove over to her place. And the holidays begun! I was treated with (gluten-free) real American breakfast -pancakes with bacon, saw the city of Columbus and even visited the independent movie theater to watch The Theory of Everything (2014).

On Thursday with Kate and her husband Nick, we arrived at her family’s Thanksgiving feast. In a beautiful home, there were many people, lots of delicious food and we spent lovely afternoon there (check pictures!). For the table I baked Slovak cake and it was a success! However we got very full and barely moved the rest of the evening, watched White Christmas to begin the Christmas season and just chilled trying to digest hahaha.

On Friday, Kate got her first tattoo, we drove to Cleveland, Ohio to visit the AMAZING Museum of Art, and at 6pm I was dropped off in Oberlin! With Lujza we spent the evening at belated Thanksgiving dinner at her friends.

On sunny and warm Saturday we walked around Oberlin college, saw an exhibition in the museum, talked in Slovak and ate lots of ice-cream (oops). And suddenly it was Sunday and I had to come back to Bowling Green.

The Thanksgiving break was amazing mostly because of my fantastic friends who invited me to their home and I got to spend some time with them. I even got to see the prettier parts of Ohio!

After the break I felt inspired, relaxed (ready to finish the semester) and there is nothing I would change.  A+


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3 thoughts on “American college life; Expectations and reality #3

  1. I may be slightly biased, seeing as I directly contributed to this post but I loved it!

    In my own defense, I only picked you up at Dairy Queen because you were early and I had been working overtime, lol! Nick enjoyed the gluten-free challenge, and you were kind not to post our artsy thoughts on The Theory of Everything 🙂

    I’m glad you enjoyed our Thanksgiving! We really did love having you visit and you saw how much my extended family loved sharing our stories.

    I love that you enjoyed the museum and were with me to document my tattoo. Most people could not have tottered around CMA for two hours the way we did! Too bad all of your readers don’t get to see the very cool pictures we had with the sculptures ^_^

    Photo Locations (for the curious):
    North High Street through the Short North District, Columbus, Ohio
    Field of Corn, intersection of Rings Road and Frantz Road, Dublin Ohio
    Thanksgiving photos at my eldest cousin’s house in Plain City, Ohio. Our heritage is Hungarian, German, Irish, and English, with the Hungarian being the largest percentage at 50% for the older women, 25% for the younger women, and the young boy being 12.5%.
    Tattoo was done at Bee Tattoo in Delaware, Ohio
    Atrium of the Cleveland Museum of Art (Also seen in Captain America: Winter Soldier for film buffs!)
    The rest are of Oberlin ^_^


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