I have never celebrated Thanksgiving before, but I was soon to find out.

I was told that it’s when families get together for food and appreciating everything they have though I was surprised to hear how some were unaware that we don’t celebrate this event in the UK.

My Dad and I planned to go to New York as it’s a place that I’d always wanted to go. Everything was sorted; the flights, Broadway tickets, the bus, even breakfast. Every tiny little detail was organised. We knew that Buffalo had some series weather concern; being under 8ft of snow but we didn’t think we would be affected as we were traveling to Manhattan.

My flight got delayed and after a few hours it was then cancelled. I was put on a connection flight to Chicago but without a non-working American phone and (for some reason) no Wi-Fi; there wasn’t any way of communicating to say that I would be running late. When I finally arrived it was obvious that the jet lag had taken the toll on my Dad and once he had woken up I found out his flight flew to Canada!


Anyway after an interesting day we both had, the following day, we were up early and ready to start on our adventure. On the way back from breakfast, thousand of people had stopped to watch the Macy’s parade where enormous inflatable television characters such as Spiderman, Sponge Bob Square Pants and Ronald MacDonald strolled around New York buildings. Later on that day we went on “Circle Line” where it traveled near Statue of Liberty and under Brooklyn Bridge.


 Waking up Friday morning and people were already hitting the shop for some bargains. Some had even been shopping since midnight. It was Black Friday and didn’t want to miss out on what was all the fuss about. We walked all nine floors of Macy and were pretty exhausted by the end. I only brought two jumpers but everyone else had suitcases; knowingly they will fill it up. We then got on a bus to see Ground Zero, which is now a two-squared hole with water falling down the side and a marble plaque that ran right around; engraved with everyone’s names that were tragically killed.

As we walked towards Hudson River we were approached by a couple of people in yellow jackets. Everywhere you go there are people trying to sell you different trips and tour and after some persuading from one of them, my Dad finally agreed that I could go on a helicopter ride around Manhattan. That night we went to see Matilda in Broadway, which was amazing.


Our short time in New York was going so fast and before we knew it was our last full day. We took a bus to 7th Avenue and walked (a quarter) of Central Park. It felt so Christmassy especially seeing horses pulling the carriage and everyone all was wrapped up. We then made our way back to the hotel room before going back out again to meet up with my mum’s cousin who lives there where we walked on the High Line before he treated for some lunch at the SoHo restaurant. That night I ventured to Top of the Rock and watch the beautiful view as the sun was setting over New York.

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