I was really lucky to be able to spend my Christmas break with a wonderful French speaking family and their 4 lovely kids in Bromont, which is a Ski Resort city in Quebec (a province in East Central Canada). It really was so amazing to experience the life as a “Québécois”.IMG_1497









On Christmas day we went to the see the parents of my host where there was a big party happening and where I met a lot people from Quebec too. Before the party started I went for a beautiful walk from the parents house along a stream. The houses there are mostly built on hills with forest around it and the landscape is very beautiful. At the top of the mountain I had an amazing view onto the valley and the skiing resort. And I was very lucky that at the right time the sun shine into the valley and I just arrived back home in time before it got dark:)



Another day we visited a village made out of old houses and actors were acting like people in the old days speaking in old quebecian French. To be honest, I didn´t understand much but it was still a lot of fun to look at the village lit up in lots of Christmas lights. There also was a show with elfs which was very funny and the actors were so amazing that it didn’t even matter if you didn’t understand what they were saying 🙂


For New Year’s Eve I went to Montreal and stayed there in a hostel where I met lots of new awesome people who are also on an exchange semester and during winter break doing a lot of sightseeing in Canada:) Together we went to the Old Port where there was a special event with great concerts and lots of fire works 🙂

Unfortunately though, all the shops and restaurants were closed on the 31st and on the 1st. So it was very hard finding any food at all! It took us over 2 hours to find a place that was open and served food and then it took 1 1/2 h until we got our food. But when we finally got it, it was absolutely delicious 🙂 Probably because we had to wait for it so long…

I was lucky to be staying so close to ski slopes at Bromont. So often I went with the family snowboarding. Of course there is the normal day time skiing and snowboarding, but In Canada, it is very popular to have “night skiing”; meaning that all the ski slopes are brightly lit up in the late afternoon and evening. Occasionally there is a really special late night skiing, where all the slopes are open until 2am!IMG_1563

The day before I met a very nice brasilian girl on the lift and we were snowboarding together and then went together to the special night, where they were playing 50ies music. So while we were waiting for the lift it was a lot of fun to dance on our snowboards and it was also snowing that night so the slopes were just in perfect condition to snowboard on! Sometimes it can get up to -38 which is really cold! I’m going to be so warm in the UK next year and I’m so much looking forward to that!












Another day I walked in to the town of Bromont where I had the best hot chocolate of my life! And in Bromont, there are so many cute boutiques with many unique amazing things to buy! Not to forget the Christmas sales were on everywhere so of course I was busy shopping :)))

I absolutely had a great time in Bromont (thanks to my very kind host family), but since last week uni started again and it`s back to business!

Bonne année à tous pour 2015!




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