Hello everyone!!

My name is Kate…. trying to sum yourself up in a box is very hard so I’m going to do this a little bit differently with less straight lines and a few more curves.

Anyway back to the general stuff, I’m English through and through, enjoying my cups of tea and of course the Great British Bake-Off. I am from a very small village in Shropshire (a bit of a country gal me) nothing much there apart from fields, a small local pub with great pies and the village bell ringers who ding dong every friday evening. Enjoying this secluded, quiet life I decided to go to Aberystwyth University to study Microbiology (the science of small things).
A few months in I stumbled across the International Exchange Program, I wasn’t sure what to expect but that night I ended up making a huge decision to apply! Browsing through many of the universities listed I found the University of Montana (GRIZ CENTRAL) in the United States and I knew then this was the university I wanted to come to and experience in my second year. Being great for my course with Yellowstone National Park only a few hours away, the opportunity couldn’t be missed. So here I am, off to Montana, small village girl in the BIG US… pretty scary but this is what university should be about and why I applied for this program! A time to explore new and exciting experiences but also a time to get to know yourself… “Life is a journey not a destination” so even if things scare you don’t be afraid to throw yourself in the deep end because life isn’t about the regrets but about the memories you make.
So thats me really.. I’m about to embark on another journey, taking another path to new and exciting things… follow me if you want to read a few more pages in the book of life. X

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