Hi guys!

Maggi Marcisova

My name is Maggi (short for Magdalena) and I’m studying Film and TV with French language at Aberystwyth University. I’m from the heart of Europe -beautiful country Slovakia. Since studying in UK isn’t international enough, for my second year I’m going for an exchange program in Ohio, USA. (I still haven’t decided an easy way to answer the question: where are you from? ‘Im living in Bowling Green, but as an exchange student from Aberystwyth, UK… however originally I’m from Slovakia’ is it me or is that just way too complicated? haha)

I love change, traveling, writing, daydreaming, photography and film making. The world is a beautiful place which I try to capture in my photos and films. I believe in people and listening to their life-stories.

So follow my posts, where I will be sharing a lots of pictures and interesting stories on my journey as an exchange student!

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