Gabriela Ligeza

My name is Gabriela , I am 21 years old and I am orginally from Poland. I study Environmental Earth Science at Aberystwyth University but I am of lucky ones to go on the student exchange to Ottawa, Canada where I will be studying Geology over the next academic year . The thing that I love the most in my life is travelling! So be prepared to read lots of different stories and see lots of pictures from Canada and hopefully from the United States (as Ottawa is located just couple of hours from US so it will be a shame not to go there as well).

As a geology student I like the various outdoor activities like: hiking, climbing, swimming, ice-skating – generally everything which is adventurous. I like to be involved in charity organisations and help other people so I hope to be active in Ottawa as well. In my free time I like to read science-fiction books and learn French – so Canada will be a perfect place to practice my skills. I am looking forward to writing my first post in Ottawa , so just follow our blog if you want to read our stories from the student exchange!​

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