Hiyaa!Marta Kwiatkowska

I’m Marta…Although some people call me Poochii. (because apparently I have something in common with Capuchin monkeys ;D)  I’m Polish, born and raised in Warsaw (the capital). I moved in to the UK last year to start my studies at Aberystwyth University. I’m Equine Science student. Yes, I’m a horsey person 🙂 I love horse riding and spending time on the yard with animals.

I decided to go on an Exchange Programme, because I love traveling and I think it is a great opportunity which opens many doors in my future career. I’d love to work with animals! I’m going to Purdue University (Indiana U.S.) to study Animal Science.

I have down to earth personality, I’m rather easy-going, but also ambitious. I love extraordinary people and events, so there’s always something unusual and fun going on around me. I would like to share my next year’s adventures with all interested people!

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