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Zoe Price

My name is Zoe and I study Animal Behaviour at Aberystwyth University. I grew up in Bavaria and when I finished my A-levels I wanted to leave Germany and go to study in Wales. But because I can never stay for a long time at the same place; I decided to spend my third academic year as an exchange year in Ottawa, Canada. This will be a fantastic opportunity to get to know a different culture as well as to seize the possibility to learn French and actually being able to use the language. Also Ottawa is located quite close to the U.S., which makes it ideal to travel to New York, Boston and many places in the USA in my free time.

The past few years I spend my summer holidays working in many different places. Last year for example I worked on a horse farm in Tuscany and at the moment I’m working on a farm in Iceland. Travelling takes up a big part in my life and I enjoy it very much.

I’m very fond of animals and passionate about horses. My other hobbies include dancing, baking, creative arts and boxercise. Also I love concerts and I can’t wait to see which festivals Ottawa will have to offer.

I’m already looking very much forward to the end of August when my journey to Canada will begin and I can share my experiences with you!

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3 thoughts on “Zoe

  1. Hi Zoe,

    I’m a first year Animal Behaviour student at Aber and I’m thinking of doing the same year abroad in Ottawa as you are on now.

    How are you finding it? Is the work much more difficult than Aber? How is the city?

    Kind Regards,

    Josh Bolton

  2. Hey Josh!

    I`m so sorry for the late reply I only saw this now =(

    The city is very beautiful with friendly people but it can be a bit quiet sometimes depending on what you are used to 😉 The workload you will have here in Ottawa is definitely much more! But you get used to it over the time and because you`re always busy with Uni you won’t really notice that the city can be a bit quiet! There are a lot of cities to visit around Ottawa though and the exchange enables you to meet a lot of new amazing people and to experience different cultures =) You will learn a lot for life on an exchange year but be prepared having to work hard sometimes =)

    Best regards,


    • Thanks for the reply!

      I’ve been accepted to study in Ottawa for a year now. I’m just trying to sort out the logistics. Do you mind me send you an email just to ask a few more questions? If you don’t mind then please send me an email (job69@aber.ac.uk).

      Kind Regards,



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