I still can’t believe I am here. After a 10 hours long flight, I’ve finally arrived in Montreal. I remember my excitement when the plane was about to touch the ground and I when relized that I was on a different continent far away from Europe. In one second, my tiredness had gone away. After leaving the plane I applied for a study permit which took almost 4 hours of waiting! Once out of the airport, I got a taxi to my host from the couchsurfing site, because I thought it would be nice to see Montreal before coming to Ottawa. My time in Montreal was amazing to say the least. My host made me feel comfortable at his place, he was very carying and he took me and two other awesome couchsurfer’s (from Brasil) on a trip to the Mont-Royal where we had a nice view of Montreal , as you can see below.



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Getting off my last flight in Boise

Arriving was all good, even if it was two 1 and half hour flights only split up by the run to my 10 hour flights departure gate. Walking of the last flight having arrived in Boise I breathed a sigh of relief I was finally in America, I was met at the airport by someone from the university, all that was left was to get was my suitcase and that was where it went wrong.

It just wasn’t there.

Several phone calls and many hours later I had my bag!!!! I think I may have hugged it in my jet lagged state (don’t laugh jet lag does funny things to people okay).  Continue reading

I’m very sorry for posting later than promised. The university work is consuming most of my time but I finally found a space in my timetable and an inspiration!


Picture from my senior prom, Southwestern Wisconsin High School


As many of you probably don’t know, this isn’t my first time in United States. I have already completed an exchange program back in 2010/2011 when I was in high school. Many things I experience now are similar, bringing back memories yet some are just totally different. In this post I would like to go back 4 years and try to compare how similar and different these experiences are.

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I have been in Ottawa for almost 2 weeks now, although I was very close to missing my connection flight from Frankfurt. And I was pretty lucky to miss the Lufthansa pilot strike!

When I came out of the airport, I noticed straight away how friendly, happy and helpful the Canadians are! When I asked a man riding a bicycle, if I’m going in the right direction, he got off his bike and walked with me all the way to my new home! Continue reading

Anodd credu bod pythefnos wedi mynd ar ôl misoedd o baratoi,

mae’r dyddiau yn barod yn hedfan.

Doeddwn i ddim yn gwybod sut fyddwn yn teimlo yn gadael Aberystwyth am y semester.

Codi llaw i fy nheulu, fy ffrindiau, a fy nghyd-weithwyr gydag ond e-bost, Facebook neu Facetime i gysylltu. Dwi’n meddwl pan ddaeth y diwrnod hynny, roedd teimlad o gynyrf a chyffro yn brwydro gyda’i gilydd. Roeddwn wedi paratoi fy hunan gymaint at y diwrnod ac wedi gwylio llwythi o fideo o’r diwrnod byddwn yn symud mewn, felly

roedd gennai syniad o beth fyddai fel. Prysur, a’r lle yn llawn pobl yn crwydro ac yn aros, pobl mewn crysau oren yn helpu cario a symud eu hoffer. Ond, gan fy mod yn fyfyrwraig ryngwladol, fyddwn yn cyrraedd cyn pawb eraill, felly ni fydd y diwrnod hynny mor hectig a phan fydd y myfyrwyr eraill yn cyrraedd.

Roedd pobman yn edrych yn wag, roeddwn mewn byd gwahanol, roeddwn yn teimlo ar goll ac ar ben fy hun. Roedd agor drws 427 yn edrych fel cell. Dodrefnai llwyd, waliau gwyn, y gwely bwnc, y cwpwrdd, y droriau, y ddesg bren a chadair i gyd mewn ystafell 15’ 10’. Ond wedi i mi ddadbacio a’i addurno roedd y teimlad o fod fel carcharor wedi newid yn syth pan ddaeth y ferch fyddai yn aros gydag (Camilla) yn dod trwy’r drws gyda thair ces a gwen mawr ar ei wyneb. Yn syth roeddwn yn gwybod byddwn am ddod ymlaen gyda’n gilydd yn iawn.

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It’s hard to believe that two weeks have already gone, after months of preparations,

the days are flying by.


I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel, leaving Aberystwth for the semester. Waving good-bye to my family, my friends and my co-workers with only e-mail, Facebook or Facetime to get in touch. I think when the day had come there was a feeling of nervous and excitement trying to battle through. Any way. Once I arrived in Ohio the car shuttle was ready to take me to my accommodation where I will be staying for the next four months. To be honest, from watching the videos online I had an idea of how the day was going to be like. Busy, many people wandering and waiting about, people in orange shirts helping to carry and move the student’s stuff but even thought I am an international student who will be arriving before any of the other students I knew it wasn’t going to be as busy. Everywhere was deserted and empty, I was in a different world, I felt lost and on my own with no one to help me carry my things to my room. Opening room 427 looked like a cell. Grey furniture’s, plain white walls, the self-lofting beds, the wardrobe, the wooden desk and a chair all fitted inside a 15’ 10 room. Once I started unpacking and decorate the feeling of being a prisoner suddenly left especially when my roommate came through the door with three suitcases and a big smile on her face. I knew straight that we were going to get along just fine.

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10629754_934917619869529_5781092203520742517_nHello fellas!

So after 2 weeks I can say that I’ve already fallen in love with this place.

School: The University campus is huge, literally huge. It takes about half an hour to walk through the whole place. The main building is called Purdue Memorial Union – these is the place where you can take some rest, get food, coffee, play pool and go bowling. There are many computer labs and libraries in different buildings. The most exciting place for me is the Sport’s center – it’s gigantic and everything there is new. Continue reading


Do you know that feeling when the moments that you hate drag so long but the ones you enjoy go fast as light?

My first week in Bowling Green, Ohio USA has passed, the next one is already in the middle and I didn’t even fully realize what happened. I have so many new experiences, memories, new friends and I would love to share few of these with you in my posts every other Thursday. I will start generally posting about the life in USA, but I will probably concentrate one way as I progress with writing these blogs. How that happens will also depend on you, so please let me know any suggestions in the comments.

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In two days I will already be sitting in my new home in Ottawa =) I`m starting to get very excited about leaving, but even though I started packing my stuff a week ago, I’m still not properly realizing that I`m actually leaving for a year to Canada! I think it will only get real when I have landed in Ottawa and have been living there for a few weeks! Packing one suitcase for a whole year also was quite a challenge! I guess, I will have to buy a few things in Ottawa like proper winter clothes for the cold Canadian winter 😉  Continue reading