With graduation ceremonies already started at some universities and soon to start here at Aberystwyth, everyone is asking, “so, what are you doing next year?” With graduation signalling an end to our time to many of us at university we must now learn to live outside the University bubble. So what’s next for the graduates of 2014? Masters? Travelling? Or for many of us… Work.

At the end of the day many of us if not everyone has come to university to have a great time but also to earn qualifications that will help us find employment at the end of our era as students. But where are these jobs hiding? It’s important to look in every corner for these jobs. From newspapers to websites as Twitter. There are jobs everywhere! A great site for jobs for graduates is Go Wales, even if it’s just a job for ten weeks, then at least you’ve got your foot in the door.

Maybe some of you have already started filling out job application forms and tidying the all-important CV, but it’s not always an easy task. For every job you must change and check your CV for the requirements of the job in mind, and that can be a boring job if you’ve already applied for a lot of jobs already. But it’s a job that has to be done, with care, because you never know when the call for an interview will come.

But even after that call, all is not straight forward. You must prepare, read over the job description, a seriously think how you are going to sell yourself, and it’s a lot harder than you think to brag about yourself. Preparing yourself for an interview is like preparing a cow for a show, and hoping that the cow will show herself to her best potential on that day. And the hope for everyone at the end is to find that dream job.

So, when the question comes, “what will you be doing next year?” Hopefully everyone will have their answer soon.

There it is, another open day gone by. And a very busy day at that! People from all over came to Aberystwyth yesterday and it was lovely seeing the sun shining on our lovely visitors. To everyone who came yesterday I’m sure you saw our student ambassadors in bright yellow t shirts all over campus. Why where we here I hear you ask? To help you, in every aspect of your experience on our open day. From welcoming you to the university, to giving directions to the information fair and talks all over campus, to helping you find a tasty lunch.

If you came on our open day I hope you enjoyed yourself.  But what about our experience as student ambassadors? … It was a GREAT experience! Getting up and reaching the university much earlier than usual was certainly worth the effort! I started my day through directing new arrivals to the main entrance in the Art’s Centre or directing them to some of the early talks such as some by the Geography Department. Everything was in full swing and it was only early morning. 

Dr Robin Chapman giving a talk in the Welsh Department
Dr Robin Chapman giving a talk in the Welsh Department

My next duty, and one of my best was conducting the campus tours, to every corner of the campus. It was nice being able to take them on a tour and show them everything that is here for them, from the sports centre, to the academic departments, to the library, the union and some accommodation, but most than all showing them how accessible everything is here in Aberystwyth since everything is within walking distance.

The rest of my day was a mixture of helping out on the help desk in the Art’s Centre, more campus tours, and meeting and greeting our visitors. Campus tours wasn’t the only tour available, there was also a bus tour of the town to help you get to know Aberystwyth a little bit better. It was a long day but I enjoyed every second, and what better way to end the day than relaxing and looking out on this fabulous view.

It was a pleasure to meet so many new faces and all of them interested of coming to Aberystwyth in the near future. If you weren’t able to come yesterday, then don’t worry, we the student ambassadors will still be here for the next open day which is being held on Saturday the 13th of September. I hope to see you there.

Also, if you want to catch a taste of our visitors experience on our open day take a look at our twitter account  https://twitter.com/AberUni_UG .