I apologise for my brief absence from this blog, I haven’t been very good have I? Basically I’ve been a very busy bee, with my head playing all sorts of tricks on me lately. I’ve not really been sleeping so I have gotten quite ill over the past week. I don’t know if it’s all linked but it might be and that sucks. So I’m writing my book. Well, one of the many. This time I want it to be about something close to my heart or subconscious this time. I love writing fiction but with my brain doing its usual and with the recent death of Robin Williams I thought I should put my experience with mental health into words and let people tell their stories too. So I’m starting to write down what happens with me and if you want to get involved please do. I’ve set up an email account a.thousand.tiny.voices@outlook.com and if you have ever experienced mental health disorders first hand, second hand or even if it’s just a story you were once told about mental health disorders it would be massively helpful to me for my book. If you are okay with me possibly publishing your story, under a pseudonym obviously, then I would appreciate you letting me know in the email that you are okay with this. If not, not to worry, it is all research at the least.

I know this is shorter than usual but I don’t want to deter from the information I have given you above.

For now I will leave you with this fact…

1 in 4 people in Britain suffer from some form of mental health disorder. This is mainly anxiety or depression.

It’s okay not to be okay.

Much love



Hello my lovelies,

This is Elena – the freshman newbie (an awful combination, if you ask me!) But it’s all the more exciting too as we all start from somewhere, right? So this is my starting point, destination: unknown. But let us not talk about destinations (which are very far from my reach currently) but let us talk of that starting point. For some this is just another year, for some others this may be their last year but for a freshman this is a new beginning. I mean, whose stomach doesn’t tie up in a knot while waiting for the results? Ηοwever, after they get those results they realize that they are indeed in, the train of daydreaming departs until the actual train to Aberystwyth (or in my case – airplane ) comes.

And needless to say, there are things to look forward to but they are also things that appear to be dreadful (finding a job, cough, cough). Probably each and every one of us looks forward to different things, after all Aberystwyth comes with so many possibilities you don’t know from where to start. At least, that is how I was when I first visited the society’s page; I found myself just gazing at the awesomeness and the first thought I had was “but I want to join most of them!” I ended up deciding it against it, so I thought about joining 8 societies instead. I can see you raising your eyebrow, beloved reader, but the temptation was far too great and what does Lord Henry Wotton say by Oscar Wilde’s pen? The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.

And who can even forget the first week also known as Freshers Week, huh?! It’s just before the courses start, a week of no responsibilities, a week of fun! It is another thing to look forward to but if I am being honest with myself, I am rather looking forward to visiting all the libraries in Aber (and I can’t wait for my courses to begin as well!) ; I just want to read all the literary books there are to read and hey, do not give me judgmental glances! I am pretty sure you must be quite passionate about your object of studying as well – you will be stuck with it for the rest of your life after all!

And then of course, I am looking forward to the experience as a whole; the possibilities are quite limitless and now it is the time to pursue hobbies that you never thought of before. For instance, apart from literature, creative writing, debating and theatre which are the things I find more joy in, I am also looking forward to start vlogging with a friend of mine. Ah! The delights of the 21st century!


So things to look forward to?

  • Courses (heh, I have been waiting this moment
    ever since I set my foot in High School)
  • Societies
  • Libraries
  • Kittens (rumor has it that they roam freely around in Aber
    and they actually can be petted!)
  • Vlogging

Question is, what are you looking forward to?

Until next time, folks, I hope you have an amazing week!

Hello there!

Well, it’s been a while since I wrote a post because I have just been so incredibly busy so I’ll give you a bit of an update!

In the past month (since 4th July) I…

Passed my driving test

drivng test

Had my Hen do

hen do

(this is me in a toilet-paper wedding dress made by my hens!)



Bought my first car

new car

Got married

got married

Went on my honeymoon


Applied for about a bajillion jobs…

And I’ve been invited for one interview!


It’s been a really crazy time for me with everything happening at once, but it has been absolutely wonderful. I’ve had some of the best moments of my life all crammed together and honestly I feel so incredibly lucky right now.

The end of University can be a bit alarming – when life has always been safely wrapped up in timetables and education it seems scary to step out into the big world! But this month has really shown me how exciting and amazing life still is, and how much better it might just get! Uni really has given me the confidence to do a lot more – and most of the great things that have happened to me recently are direct results of my going to Aberystwyth. Yes, even getting married!

I am a very, very happy Sarah right now. I hope you are all happy, and I wish you huge luck with results and whatever else comes your way!

I’ll be back in a week or so to tell you all about my interview.

Last week was all about the Graduations. Both Aberystwyth and Keele have proudly sent another cohort of Sons and Daughters out into the world. The ceremonies are steeped in traditions going back centuries. Your name will be called and you go up and shake the Chancellor or Vice Chancellor’s hand. For certain degrees you get doffed on the head with a Mortarboard. There will be speeches. The degree congregation will be dismissed and once you leave the doors of the Great Hall at Aber or the Chapel at Keele you will have made the transition from student to graduate and joined the ranks of all the alumni before you and all those to come.

So back to the speeches. Someone important usually stands up and gives a speech. (The mentioning of Sunscreen is optional.) So. If I was ever important enough to be standing in front of the degree congregation at either of my Universities what would my speech be?

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the class of (insert date here) congratulations. You made it. You survived all the exams, essays, drunken parties, early morning fire alarms and suspiciously cheap fried chicken we could throw at you. Today you leave the University and go out into the world. A world that is now yours to make. A world that is huge and infinite and will make this place look very tiny in a short number of years. There are so many possibilities in your future that it would be impossible to advise you about them all. And so I will give you three simple pieces of advice on your graduation day. Take them with you, wherever you go, on whichever path you choose to take.

1) Remember yourself now. And never forget who you are on this day. There may come a time when you have to make difficult choices, and you only need to ask yourself “Could I look myself in the eye on my graduation day, and explain what I am about to do without feeling I had let the person that I used to be down?” If the answer is yes, then the choice is the right one.

2) Look around you. You are surrounded by people from all over the world. From all kinds of backgrounds. All colours. All ages. All faiths. All sexualities. All these divisions are gone. They are insignificant in the face of the what you have, all of you, achieved.  Never forget when you stood side by side with your fellow graduates, all wearing the hood of the university, all other differences swallowed whole by something much bigger.

3) It is never too late to make a difference. To yourself. To others. To the world. The slightest thing can make the biggest difference. A small pebble thrown in a pool has far reaching ripples. If you get to a point where you think you are too old, that you have run out of ideas or you have outlived your usefulness, I refer you to point one. If you ever think that about anyone else I refer you to point two.

All of you, go and live amazing lives. Be brilliant. Be bright and shiny. Keep your eyes on the stars and your head held high. Today you take your place in immortality. Your name is now woven into the story of your university and you now write the next chapter.  We all become stories in the end, make sure yours is a good one.”

(I’d probably mention something about the Leopards as well, because whilst this is a serious university and graduation is a serious thing, I’m not!)

With graduation ceremonies already started at some universities and soon to start here at Aberystwyth, everyone is asking, “so, what are you doing next year?” With graduation signalling an end to our time to many of us at university we must now learn to live outside the University bubble. So what’s next for the graduates of 2014? Masters? Travelling? Or for many of us… Work.

At the end of the day many of us if not everyone has come to university to have a great time but also to earn qualifications that will help us find employment at the end of our era as students. But where are these jobs hiding? It’s important to look in every corner for these jobs. From newspapers to websites as Twitter. There are jobs everywhere! A great site for jobs for graduates is Go Wales, even if it’s just a job for ten weeks, then at least you’ve got your foot in the door.

Maybe some of you have already started filling out job application forms and tidying the all-important CV, but it’s not always an easy task. For every job you must change and check your CV for the requirements of the job in mind, and that can be a boring job if you’ve already applied for a lot of jobs already. But it’s a job that has to be done, with care, because you never know when the call for an interview will come.

But even after that call, all is not straight forward. You must prepare, read over the job description, a seriously think how you are going to sell yourself, and it’s a lot harder than you think to brag about yourself. Preparing yourself for an interview is like preparing a cow for a show, and hoping that the cow will show herself to her best potential on that day. And the hope for everyone at the end is to find that dream job.

So, when the question comes, “what will you be doing next year?” Hopefully everyone will have their answer soon.

When you usually reach 40, you would expect a pair of socks or a bottle of wine as a gift.  But when UMCA (Undeb Myfyrwyr Cymraeg Aberystwyth – Aberystwyth’s Union for Welsh Students) turned 40 last week, the celebrations seemed never ending!  As they say, life begins at 40!  Here’s a little taste of the celebrations…

Sŵn: Pen-blwydd Hapus UMCA!  (Sŵn: Happy Birthday UMCA!)

Sŵn, a night of Welsh music up in the Union, is traditionally held once a month and by now Sŵn is one of the Unions most successful events.  As we had already had our “last official” Sŵn of the year, it was nice to have another one thrown for good measure.  With everybody up for a party, it was a night to remember.  It was great to see the geriatrics or hasbins out as well – Miriam showing that Postgraduate students still know how to have a good time!


Gŵyl UMCA 40 (UMCA 40 Festival)

Where else would you find Geraint Løvgreen a’r Enw Da, Y Bandana, Vanta, Blaidd, Yr Eira, Catrin Herbert, Breichiau Hir, Gwyryf, Radio Rhydd, Tymbal and Y Banditos under one roof I would like to see a Welsh language gig trying to better that the line up!  Clearly Aberystwyth still has the ability to stage some of the biggest events of the Welsh Rock scene.  A day to remember!

Gwyl UMCA40

Cinio cyn-lywyddion UMCA a chyn-wardeniaid Pantycelyn*

(Past UMCA Presidents and Past Pantycelyn Wardens Dinner*)

* The current UMCA committee also received an invitation!!

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best nights I’ve had in Aberystwyth!  It was an honour to spend the night with people who have been so influential over the year.  On the other hand, I had no idea Cegin Pantycelyn could cook such posh food!  I even had to google “spicy ham hock terrine” – not quite your usual supper at Pantycelyn!

Cinio cyn-lywyddion a chyn wardeniaid UMCA40

Arddangosfa UMCA a Phantycelyn ar hyd y blynyddoedd

(Exhibition: UMCA and Pantycelyn over the years)

And what a better way to round off the celebrations that with an exhibition highlighting UMCA’s exploits over the past 40 years.  It was encouraging to see Pantycelyn comfortably full with everybody nosing and reminiscing about UMCA’s achievements.  It’s hard to believe the number of protests and rallies that have taken place over the years.  They include…

  • Establishing a Welsh Union
  • Ensuring equality from the Guild (now the Students Union)
  • The Queen’s visit (well… planned visit) to the University
  • Establishing the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol
  • Campaign to ‘Achub Pantycelyn’ (Save Pantycelyn)

John Davies - Cyn-warden Pantycelyn

There’s a lot of talk about people suffering from a Mid Life Crisis when they turn 40 … but I doubt UMCA’s planning on having a mid-life crisis in near future!