This one is mostly for the Freshers who will be joining us in September! I present to you the Aber Bucket List: Things you must do before your first year is over. (Or rather things you might like to do. No pressure!)

  • Go on a night out in a onesie: There is nothing quite like dancing to heavy techno whilst dressed like a toddler.
  • Stay up all night and watch the sun coming up from the top of Consti. The world is amazing and you will feel like the only person left in it for a few brief moments.
  • Go star gazing at the Castle Ruins. Pick a clear night and you will see everything.
  • Order £300 worth of Pizza from Dominos and only pay thirty quid for it. Be cunning with your Freshers’ vouchers.
  • Have a Death Star in The Cambrian: Words cannot describe this drink. It will ruin you.
  • Go to an Open Mic night at Rummers. Some seriously good local musicians for free! (And have a go yourself if you feel so inclined.)
  • Jump in the sea with your clothes on. (Everyone does it. Just maybe not in January or during a storm? Stay safe guys.)
  • Attempt to eat: The Hulk Burger from Lord Beechings and The Big Breakfast from the Station Cafe. (Not on the same day!) You’re young, you have your whole lives ahead of you to burn off the calories.
  • Spend all night in Yokos, Pier and The Angel and toddle home as it is getting light.
  • Go to the War Memorial and pay your respects. Some of the guys on there were the same age as you and were students at the University. They gave their today for your tomorrow.
  • Pull an all nighter in Rosser Lounge (especially if you are doing Interpol!)
  • University is the only time after your fifth birthday where it is acceptable to go out dressed as your favourite superhero in the day time. DO NOT waste this opportunity.
  • Walk to Borth by the coast path.
  • Take a train to Dovey Junction. (For no other reason than you can!)
  • Take the Funicular Railway up Consti, stand in the front, you will feel like a Bond Villain.
  • Have an Ice Cream Milkshake from Sophie’s. (They make almost everything better.)
  • Chocolate & Churros from Ultracomida (’nuff said.)
  • Have a bonfire on the Beach. (Attempt to make a sandcastle as well.)

Hey guys,



It has been an absolutely crazy week, full of nights out, days trying to recover from nights out and the beginning of packing my room, and indeed the house up. This week I have been on 2 nights out and dinner out with the housemates (curry) as we fast approach the end of life as we know it.

It is so strange to think that this time next week I won’t be sat where I am now or indeed in the house I am in now, but in a new flat, no longer a student, and working full time. It is like reality hasn’t hit yet, even though I have started packing. I decided that when packing I would have an absolutely massive clear out in the hopes of making my fresh ‘after university’ life and clearing away all those university necessities, such as cavegirl costumes, in the hopes of beginning a fresh. I think if I were to keep everything as it is now and move everything not only would it take me a lot longer, but I would find myself hankering for university and all the great times that come with it. Therefore, at the beginning of this new chapter, after 2 years in our current house, lots of things have gone in bin liners for chucking and bags for the charity shop. As I write this I have managed to pack about 2/3rds of my room up (which doesn’t include anything else I have around the house such as kitchen items), and I currently have; 3 full bin liners to be chucked and 3 full plastic bags to be taken to charity shops. I move on Sunday, and therefore have a little bit of time to finish packing and throwing things away.


In the midst of packing and slowly throwing things away I have also managed to fit in a few last minute nights out and an obligatory ‘family’ meal with my housemates. It is lovely to spend time with friends and housemates without the stress and worry of exams as we are all now finished, but it is in the back of everybody’s minds that our time at university is coming to an end. This week I went for my last ‘family meal’ with my housemates, we ordered our last ever dominoes to this address and Carley dyed her hair in the shower for the last time. These things may seem strange, but I have been living with the same housemates for 2 years and with 2 of my housemates since freshers (so 3 years), so this really does feel like the end of an era.

This week has been a good week; next week will be so different.

As I move to living alone and working a full time job it is hard not to contemplate the fact I will no longer live with anybody. I will no longer have to fight for the remote to put what I want to watch on tv; I will no longer have to wait until someone else has finished cooking before I can use the oven; I will no longer have to complain about housemates not doing washing up or cleaning up behind themselves, and I will no longer have to worry about flushing the toilet when someone else is in the shower. I will miss it.

It is onwards and upwards though as I am thrust into the world of complete self-sufficiency and independence, it is an exciting prospect, and as it nears I know that university has been the best 3 years of my life, but my life is only beginning.


Hey guys,

So this week has been the completion of all things university. The last exam has been sat, the last birthday has been celebrated and the last Domino’s pizza has been ordered.

On Wednesday I went on this massive trip with Innovis (my job after university) to Cumbria to attend a meeting with all sales reps and key members of staff. We went from Aberystwyth in a mini bus at 5am in the morning, and I arrived back in Aber at 11pm that evening… a long day! It was really good going in the mini bus because it meant I got to know some of the members of staff better as the radio was broken and we had to talk a lot of the way. I think there are certain moments when you know whether or not you are going to get on with certain people, and that definitely occurred when the boss decided that as the bus was quiet we had to play i-spy; I know I am going to love working for this company. Meeting those members of the team that I hadn’t met previously was a bit daunting, but after we had started talking it became easier to feel confident and I was able to give opinions and ideas without feeling awkward. On the way back we stopped off for dinner in McDonalds and the boss decided that we all needed pudding as well so insisted we all had McFlurrys, again cementing the fact I am going to enjoy working with the team!

Thursday onwards was all about Atebol and revision. This project I have been working on with Atebol is reaching its conclusion as the book series is launched next Friday (30th May) and therefore there have been a few loose ends that have needed tidying up. I am really looking forward to the launch on the 30th at the Hay Festival and meeting Paralympian Josie Pearson and World-record-holding Adventurer Maria Leijerstam! I think it will be the highlight of my time at Atebol! Plus, I get to look after both of them throughout the day, meaning I can really get to know them, how cool is that?!

So, as the weekend arrived it was time for revision, and lots of it! My exam was on Tuesday afternoon and as it was the last exam I know what percentage I had to achieve to get my first overall, making it even more nerve-wracking! The exam went okay, could have gone better, but could have gone worse, but it was over, meaning Tuesday night could be spent celebrating the end of exams and my housemate Liam’s 21st birthday!

I made cake… lots of cake, and there is still a bit left now! It was a good night out, and I made sure I spent it with the boys as Liam was the birthday boy! Which involved a few games of pool before heading to the club, rather than dancing the night away!

It is strange that university is over with but I really cannot wait to move into my new flat and face my next challenge!


P.s. entered the race for life spontaneously this week too! Was really fun and a really worthy cause, will definitely do it again next year, I will have to beat my time!! AND we were in the Cambrian news for doing it!

The last essay I will possibly ever have to write is completed and sitting on my desk waiting to be delivered to my department in the morning. This essay has taken its merry time in appearing. If they gave marks for procrastination this would get a first. Procrastinating is something that I am very good at. Give me something I’m supposed to be doing because it really has to be completed by a certain time and I will suddenly find thirty other more interesting things to be doing. In order to give you an insight into this noble and ancient art of doing all the work at the last possible moment whilst weeping, I have produced the following:

1) Many things are bright and shiny. You will find that the closer your deadline, the brighter and shinier and more fascinating base objects become. Like some alchemy of the universe, the nearer to zero hour you get even the most mundane of objects will become sparkly and exciting. Right up until there is only just enough time left to complete the given task, at which point everything reverts to an appropriate shade of brown.

2) During the period of procrastination the weather will be curiously disgusting. Until you can no longer viably go out. At which point there will be a heatwave. This phenomena happens irrelevant to geographical location and season.

3) Other people (flatmates, friends, parents) will keep a respectful and almost church like silence for the duration of your procrastination. Once you commence your actual panic fuelled work, these people will suddenly become crazed monsters ringing you every five minutes and having the mother of all parties right next door. It should also be noted that your tolerance to outside noise will reduce the closer the deadline is. Okay, so you are sitting in your room listening to Slipknot’s back catalogue, but how can you be expected to concentrate when someone in the kitchen is stirring their tea?

4) When essays are due you will suddenly develop a fascination for random things, like documentaries about oil rigs on BBC Alba or The Shipping Forecast. You will be unable to miss a single one of these.

5) Your room will need to be completely tidy before you are able to begin any work. The room may also need to be tidied at various points during the writing process (such as every fifth syllable) Iambic cleaning is not uncommon.

6) You will, whilst Googling some reference, discover a whole world of interesting things you were unaware of, such as penguins in hats or how to make lampshades from spoons. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal.

7) Tasks you previously hated, such as doing the laundry, unblocking the lavatory, babysitting your best friends hyperactive two year old etc. will suddenly become your favourite thing in the world.

8) At least two versions of the assignment you produce during the PP will be completely surreal, unreadable messes which you should delete/burn on the off chance that someone ever finds them and has you prosecuted under the public decency laws.

So there it is. If you bear these things in mind you should have a happy and safe period of procrastination.

This week, in addition to some monumental putting off of work, I have welcomed a new addition to the clan. His name is Darwin, and he is a Platypus. Darwin was bought as a gift for Lazarus leopard, by Sam (Lazarus’ human) who had visited Australia over the Easter holidays. It has taken us some time to convince the leopards that Darwin is a friend and not a snack.

This week was also May Ball where a lot of fun and possibly some beverages were had by all and some people managed to stay up all night to greet the sunrise the following day with a champagne toast. (That might have been me.)

Oppressed Platypus. This is what exams feel like.
Oppressed Platypus. This is what exams feel like.
Sion & Sam, just getting warmed up.
Sion & Sam, just getting warmed up.

Hi guys,

Hope you have all had a good week!



This week has been really strange because it really does seem to be the end of university. I find myself saying ‘that is the last time we will be able to do that’ and ‘let’s go here because we won’t be able to in a couple of weeks’. It also seems to be the time when everyone wants to go out for different meal to celebrate the end of uni, so I find myself eating masses of food, three course meals, puddings, and drinking plenty of wine. Needless to say the diet is out of the window this week!

My final essay ever in my university career was handed in yesterday, and I very nearly forgot to hand in an online version as well as a paper copy! Silly Megan! That would have been a bit of a disaster, especially as it is my last chance to get some extra marks. When you get to third year the uni the university allow you to use something called a cascade calculator which means, based on your previous marks, you are able to enter marks that you could get and work out what you can achieve as a final result in your degree. This tool is brilliant, as it has allowed me to work out the minimum grades I need to get in order to achieve the university degree I want, however it does put the pressure on a bit! I am lucky that this term quite a lot of my work has been essay and presentation based, so hopefully I will get most of my results back before I sit my last ever exam on the 20th of May, meaning I can work out what I need to get! Anyway, no need to babble on about this because it doesn’t interest you until you reach the end of third year!!won’t be able to in a couple of weeks’. It also seems to be the time when everyone wants to go out for different meal to celebrate the end of uni, so I find myself eating masses of food, three course meals, puddings, and drinking plenty of wine. Needless to say the diet is out of the window this week!

It’s strange how when you reach the end of an era you start reflecting on the beginning, so next week I will take you on a journey through my university life all the way to where is am now. It is just never going to sink in that we are all leaving, as I am staying in Aberystwyth I think during the summer I won’t miss uni, because you never go to uni in the summer anyway, but it will be when everybody comes back for freshers week in September that it will sink in! I cannot imagine what next January and May will be like without revision for exams. I came straight from college to uni, so I haven’t gone once without exams since I was 4! Very strange!

Anyway, I look forward to researching and looking through old photos next week to share my university experiences with you lovely people!

Until next week