Here we go then, results.

I’ve received a lot of results myself recently – the result of my degree, the outcome of my masters application and i’m still waiting for some results for scholarships and funding for next year. So I understand how everyone feels at the moment what with your A Level results just around the corner! There’s a fortnight to go right? Time flies doesn’t it, I’m sure you remember your first day at high school and now you’ve finished!! Scary isn’t it

I’m lucky, i received a merit award aftersitting the exam papers for the entrance scholarships here at Aberystwyth University. And so I got an unconditional offer but it was still important for me to try my best and I still worried about my results as everyone else did. Worrying is natural but it is important not to worry too much about results as it is does nothing to help! It’s too late for you to be able to do anything about it now anyway so the best thing to do is prepare yourself for the results you want and those you do not want. Consider the two scenarios!

GOOD – Have received the ideal number of UCAS points, need to confirm my place.
BAD – Did not receive the ideal number of UCAS points, need to go through the Clearing process.

It’s as simple as that at the end of the day!

I know you do not want to think the worst but think of it this way: if you’ve thought about it and the worst happens then you know what to do!

First of all if the ‘worst’ happens then it’s not that bad at all! There are PLENTY of options available for you. I was reading an article recently about the A Level results

“Missing the A-levels grades might feel like the end of the world. But for many, it is the just the start of theirs.”

I remember seeing the faces of some of my friends who did not recieve their ideal results on the 18 August 2011, but by today all of them have graduated with at least a 2:1 if not first class honours! Which is evidence that the above quote is true. So take a deep breath, try not to worry too much and enjoy the rest of your summer holidays!!

There is information on our website about the Clearing process so go to the link below for more information on how to go about it etc.


And i might see some of you here in September.

Wooooooo 🙂

With graduation ceremonies already started at some universities and soon to start here at Aberystwyth, everyone is asking, “so, what are you doing next year?” With graduation signalling an end to our time to many of us at university we must now learn to live outside the University bubble. So what’s next for the graduates of 2014? Masters? Travelling? Or for many of us… Work.

At the end of the day many of us if not everyone has come to university to have a great time but also to earn qualifications that will help us find employment at the end of our era as students. But where are these jobs hiding? It’s important to look in every corner for these jobs. From newspapers to websites as Twitter. There are jobs everywhere! A great site for jobs for graduates is Go Wales, even if it’s just a job for ten weeks, then at least you’ve got your foot in the door.

Maybe some of you have already started filling out job application forms and tidying the all-important CV, but it’s not always an easy task. For every job you must change and check your CV for the requirements of the job in mind, and that can be a boring job if you’ve already applied for a lot of jobs already. But it’s a job that has to be done, with care, because you never know when the call for an interview will come.

But even after that call, all is not straight forward. You must prepare, read over the job description, a seriously think how you are going to sell yourself, and it’s a lot harder than you think to brag about yourself. Preparing yourself for an interview is like preparing a cow for a show, and hoping that the cow will show herself to her best potential on that day. And the hope for everyone at the end is to find that dream job.

So, when the question comes, “what will you be doing next year?” Hopefully everyone will have their answer soon.

Dear Reader,

First of all, I am terribly sorry I am posting this blog so late, it has been an exceptionally long day! Alright, now that apologies are out of the way, lets get to the real deal. As you may be aware, I have been spending my time this past few weeks working at the National Assembly for Wales as a research intern. As I have said before, it has been and continues to be an amazing experience. The internship provided me with a unique, “behind the scenes” insight into everyday politics at the Assembly which is fascinating on its own believe me. However, while I truly enjoyed researching the topic of education in Wales and the PISA 2012 results, the real treat was seeing my work bear fruit in the end. Today the Assembly Member – whose Support Staff I have been working with for the past three and a half weeks – used my research while talking on live television today! I must admit, it was a pretty awesome feeling! Right now I am spending my remaining days finishing up another research project I have been working on more recently. As my internship is going to come to an end on Friday, I will have to pick up the pace and finish drafting up a report before my time expires. I really don’t want to leave a half-done project behind.

Nonetheless, concentrating on work gets harder and harder as the weekend approaches. My flight leaves on Saturday for Budapest so the promises of music festivals, road trips with friends and meeting my family keep popping up in my mind, making it increasingly hard to think about anything else other than summer. I have already made plans with friends and I am truly looking forward to fulfilling my promise of finally spending more time with them. I also want to do some more work during the summer, however, that is yet to be confirmed. Naturally I will let you know as soon as something comes up! Until then, I think I will just go and enjoy the remaining time I have in Cardiff and at the Assembly before I fly home to Hungary. Take care and have a great summer! I know I will.

Until next time,


Dear Reader,

I imagine it must get a tiny bit boring for you to see that basically all of my posts begin with something like “so my week has been great so far” or “I am enjoying my stay in Cardiff so and so”. I believe an apology is in order because I will have to start off today’s post in a similar way. I can’t help it, I tend to look at the positive side of things and well, life is good.

Today for the first time ever I had the chance to observe an actual press conference and the preparation leading up to it. Surprisingly, the briefing before the actual event is much more interesting than one would imagine. Trying to guess the potential questions of the reporters or the various topics they might be interested in is half the fun and it requires quite a bit of thinking on the side of the staff.  The press conference itself was quite relaxed and the overall atmosphere was cheery, contrary to the image Hollywood tends to portray these events in. Seriously, people were not shouting at all and everything went according to plan. Even though the press conference lasted merely fifteen or twenty minutes, I felt privileged to be able to experience an every-day event like this from the perspective of the support staff behind the AM. Yet again, my work placement offered me a new opportunity. After spending the lunch break in the pleasant company of the AMs and other members of the support staff, I have spent rest of my afternoon doing research for a debate that will take place tomorrow and by drafting up a report I had been working on for the past two weeks.

Besides all the work at the office, I have also received news of an exciting surprise: Project Firefly has decided to re-promote an essay I had written for the 2013 Emerging Leaders Competition earlier last year! Even though it was only a quite short piece on the resource conflict in the South China Sea it is still great to see my work being published on a Facebook page with 15,229 likes.

So all in all, another good day has been spent doing exciting work! Now I am off to complete my usual jogging routine to clear my mind before tomorrow. I expect it is going to be another busy day!

Until next time,


Hello there lovely reader!

I come to you today in a break from revising driving theory in preparation for my theory test tomorrow!

Today I’m going to talk about some of the facilities and services available to students on and off-campus here in Aberystwyth, and why they’re really handy to know about. Knowing they’re there is the key to being able to use them if the need arises. So without further ado-

The Student’s Union


Somewhere you will probably visit quite often – for lunch, stationery, a drink. A lot goes on in the union. There’s a shop, a bakery, a bar – pool tables and toilets and a small computer room.

This is where you’ll go if you want to buy a bus pass for the year, a place with loads of volunteering opportunities, a place to study in a more relaxed environment than the library, or to relax on a break from studying. The union can also offer you advice: from housing and finances to sexual health, to paying taxes and how National Insurance works. You can find academic support and personal support; the Union are able to direct you to counselling services if ever you need them. If you’re looking for backup against an unpleasant landlord, advice about choosing accommodation, or even help on applying for special circumstances, your Union can offer advice and support.

The Careers Service

aber careers

The Careers service is housed inside the Union building, next to the Union shop. They can offer advice and help on what to do when you graduate – from building your CV, identifying what area you want to go into, help with choosing further study or graduate opportunities. Well worth popping in, especially in your second and third years. If you’re thinking of a year in employment, or work experience placement, the careers service really know what they’re talking about and can help you get there. They hold employer events throughout the year, as well as workshop sessions to help you build skills in certain areas – like improving your interview skills for example.

Student Wellness Centre


Now situated on Penglais Hill, attached to Padarn Doctor’s Surgery, the Wellness Centre offers students appointments with nurses and access to counselling. I can vouch for how lovely and helpful all of the staff are, having attended for counselling myself at the end of last year. You can be referred by your doctor for counselling or phone up and ask. They also provide advice on a lot of other topics covering personal wellbeing.

The Library

hugh owen

Ahh, the library. One of my favourite places. Full of books that you probably can’t afford to buy, and may not have access to again after Uni. Hugh Owen library has three levels.

On Level D you are allowed food and drink, and there are a limited number of computers to use, as well as desks to work at. The short-term loans collection and a small amount of fiction books are here too. The main reception desk is here, where you can get IT help and books advice; if you recall a book to pick up, this is where it will be held for you. There are machines to return books, to buy printing credit and to repay library fines. There is also the media and sales hatch, where you can buy things like Ethernet cables and when the time comes get your dissertation bound.

The next level up, Level E, has a dedicated computer room, and only allows drinks inside containers. Level E is designed for quiet group study. There’s also lots of desks on this level, as well as the science books. The group study area of Level E also has Folios, the Celtic Collection, Official Publications and the Statistics Collection.

The top level, Level F, is silent study only, and has plenty of computers. On this level only bottled water is allowed. There are computers in the general area, and also the Tom Lloyd study suite, which is a ‘no Facebook’ zone. Again, there’s plenty of work space to take your laptop or just your books, and there’s a choice of comfy chairs with coffee tables or hard chairs at desks. You can also book use of private study rooms on Level F, which comes really in handy when working on a group project.

This level houses the majority of books in Hugh Owen, which is quite a long list:

  • General Works
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Religion
  • Auxiliary Sciences of History
  • History: Europe, Asia, Africa
  • History: America
  • Geography
  • Anthropology
  • Recreation
  • Social Sciences
  • Economics
  • Commerce
  • Political Science
  • Education
  • Music
  • Fine Arts
  • Linguistics
  • Media
  • Communication
  • Classics
  • European Languages
  • Other Languages & Literatures
  • Drama & Performing Arts
  • General Literature
  • Poetry
  • French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese Literatures
  • English Literature
  • American Literature
  • German, Dutch, Scandinavian Literatures
  • Juvenile Literature
  • Military Science
  • Naval Science
  • Bibliography
  • Library Science

There are also materials on effective study, past exam papers, atlases, dictionaries, journals, diplomatic documents and a ‘quick reference’ collection. If a book is stamped ‘Reference Only’, it means you can’t check it out of the library – you can just read it inside.

All levels have printers, and dedicated computers to check Primo (the library catalogue) and to find your library pin – which is a number you use together with your Aber card when you take a book out. You can take out up to 16 books at one time.

The More Books Campaign

more books

This is one really worth knowing about. If there’s a book relevant to your course that the library don’t have, so long as it costs under £50 you can request that the library get it via an online order form – and they will. If the book you request costs more than £50, or there are other copies in the library already, the request gets passed to Academic Services Librarians who decide whether to approve it. If a book you request comes in, it’ll be held for you for three days where you choose so that you get first use of it. This scheme is a really great thing for a library to do, so use it. If there’s a book on your reading list that’s not in the library don’t just moan – order it!

I hope there’s a few helpful nuggets of info in there about Aberystwyth University campus. If anyone has any questions, let me know in the comments!

Hey guys,



It has been an absolutely crazy week, full of nights out, days trying to recover from nights out and the beginning of packing my room, and indeed the house up. This week I have been on 2 nights out and dinner out with the housemates (curry) as we fast approach the end of life as we know it.

It is so strange to think that this time next week I won’t be sat where I am now or indeed in the house I am in now, but in a new flat, no longer a student, and working full time. It is like reality hasn’t hit yet, even though I have started packing. I decided that when packing I would have an absolutely massive clear out in the hopes of making my fresh ‘after university’ life and clearing away all those university necessities, such as cavegirl costumes, in the hopes of beginning a fresh. I think if I were to keep everything as it is now and move everything not only would it take me a lot longer, but I would find myself hankering for university and all the great times that come with it. Therefore, at the beginning of this new chapter, after 2 years in our current house, lots of things have gone in bin liners for chucking and bags for the charity shop. As I write this I have managed to pack about 2/3rds of my room up (which doesn’t include anything else I have around the house such as kitchen items), and I currently have; 3 full bin liners to be chucked and 3 full plastic bags to be taken to charity shops. I move on Sunday, and therefore have a little bit of time to finish packing and throwing things away.


In the midst of packing and slowly throwing things away I have also managed to fit in a few last minute nights out and an obligatory ‘family’ meal with my housemates. It is lovely to spend time with friends and housemates without the stress and worry of exams as we are all now finished, but it is in the back of everybody’s minds that our time at university is coming to an end. This week I went for my last ‘family meal’ with my housemates, we ordered our last ever dominoes to this address and Carley dyed her hair in the shower for the last time. These things may seem strange, but I have been living with the same housemates for 2 years and with 2 of my housemates since freshers (so 3 years), so this really does feel like the end of an era.

This week has been a good week; next week will be so different.

As I move to living alone and working a full time job it is hard not to contemplate the fact I will no longer live with anybody. I will no longer have to fight for the remote to put what I want to watch on tv; I will no longer have to wait until someone else has finished cooking before I can use the oven; I will no longer have to complain about housemates not doing washing up or cleaning up behind themselves, and I will no longer have to worry about flushing the toilet when someone else is in the shower. I will miss it.

It is onwards and upwards though as I am thrust into the world of complete self-sufficiency and independence, it is an exciting prospect, and as it nears I know that university has been the best 3 years of my life, but my life is only beginning.


Dear Reader,

As you might know, I have been working and living in Cardiff for just about a week now and I must say I am enjoying it! I am working as a research intern at the National Assembly for Wales, a truly productive and engaging way of spending the extra time I had on my hands at the beginning of this summer. Everyone at the office is kind and welcoming, and the research I have to do is exciting as well. I am currently exploring the topic of education in Wales, mainly focusing on the 2012 PISA results, but I have also had the chance to gather some first-hand experience with the chaotic excitement of the voting day last Thursday and the elections for the European Parliament going on. Needless to say, it was an extremely tiring day filled with countless cups of coffee and phone calls, but I enjoyed the new experience nonetheless.

The only thing that as is bothering me is the weather, but I guess that cannot be helped. The rain was pouring down pretty much the whole week, making the days move along a bit too slowly for my taste, but to be fair, no one likes waking up and seeing a gloomy and grey sky for 5-6 days in a row. Luckily, the weather was amazing today so Cardiff got a well deserved break from the rain at last! With the sun shining bright in the morning and not a cloud to be seen, I decided to explore Cathays a bit more and I went for a 10k run. I had been checking out potential jogging routes on the map even before I have arrived to Cardiff and I have noticed that there are many parks to be explored; so I though I might as well head for the largest green area around. As it turned out, my decision was well made; Roth Park was simply gorgeous!


With the weather this nice and the Bank Holiday freeing up the Monday for most, the park was full of people walking around, playing frisbee, or simply enjoying a good book while appreciating the rare chance to get a head start on that summer tan. As for me, I was just happy that I did not have to worry about catching a cold while running in the rain, so I took my time and ran a couple f laps around the lake, trying to absorb as much sunshine as possible in case the weather decided to turn gloomy again. I even went back to the park after I grabbed a quick lunch at home and spent the afternoon reading some work-related stuff at the lakeside.

So all in all, life is good! I still have a couple of weeks left to enjoy Cardiff before I fly back to Hungary and get started with all the music festivals and road trips with friends; a summer I am really looking forward to this year. Anyway, I will let you know if something exciting is going on!

Until next time,


Bank Holiday weekend is here in Aber and I have my mate Richard visiting. Today (Sunday) we climbed Cadair Idris, which is a short drive up the road (About 40 minutes.) My knees no longer work and Richard is currently stretched out on the kitchen sofa with a glass of wine like Ophelia. In typical Bank Holiday style, the weather was atrocious and I am currently stuck with a large bag of seething, wet, sweaty kit that is going to need a trip to the laundrette to deal with. Accompanying us on this mountain mission was my friend Tommy. We may have got a bit lost in the mist that descended upon us. Fortunately we were well equipped with a map and compass and the skills to use them so we managed to get down safely. Cadair Idris is a mountain of legend. it is said that if you stay the night up on the mountain you will either go mad, become a genius or a poet. I decided not to risk it as I feel the only thing on offer today might have been a bad cold.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we are going up Consti to look at the Camera Obscura and possibly have ice cream.

Things are winding down for most people here at Aber, but for postgrads like myself the fun is only just starting. I have another nearly four months of my course left and a dissertation to do. I was notified of who my tutor will be and I have my first meeting on Tuesday. All that stands between me and my Masters is a two hour screenplay. In preparation for this summer of writing up I have now got somewhere to live and have applied for a few jobs. Fingers crossed but I am fairly confident and excited about the whole thing.

The week has otherwise been fairly quiet, with a string of farewells, some forever, some only until September. There has been some lovely weather and an ice cream hunt. (Not that ice cream is difficult to obtain in Aber, you understand, it’s just we were looking for something quite particular.)

There is now just two weeks of this term left to go. This time last year I was watching as the excitement grew for myself and my fellow students. We were all preparing to leave home and come to Aber for the first time. We had no idea what to expect. We all had ideas. We all had our doubts. We all came in spite of those. And now some of us are Poets, some are on their way to becoming geniuses and some, like me, are just mad old men with a blue box (well actually a Leopard). But we all climbed the mountain. And even with zero visibility, the view was worth every bit of the effort.

Not just a Timeleopard...
Not just a Timeleopard…
Me and the slinky ginger goat that is Tommy!
Me and the slinky ginger goat that is Tommy!
Genius/ Madman/ Poet unable to say anything that can be repeated here.
Genius/ Madman/ Poet unable to say anything that can be repeated here.



Hey guys,

So this week has been the completion of all things university. The last exam has been sat, the last birthday has been celebrated and the last Domino’s pizza has been ordered.

On Wednesday I went on this massive trip with Innovis (my job after university) to Cumbria to attend a meeting with all sales reps and key members of staff. We went from Aberystwyth in a mini bus at 5am in the morning, and I arrived back in Aber at 11pm that evening… a long day! It was really good going in the mini bus because it meant I got to know some of the members of staff better as the radio was broken and we had to talk a lot of the way. I think there are certain moments when you know whether or not you are going to get on with certain people, and that definitely occurred when the boss decided that as the bus was quiet we had to play i-spy; I know I am going to love working for this company. Meeting those members of the team that I hadn’t met previously was a bit daunting, but after we had started talking it became easier to feel confident and I was able to give opinions and ideas without feeling awkward. On the way back we stopped off for dinner in McDonalds and the boss decided that we all needed pudding as well so insisted we all had McFlurrys, again cementing the fact I am going to enjoy working with the team!

Thursday onwards was all about Atebol and revision. This project I have been working on with Atebol is reaching its conclusion as the book series is launched next Friday (30th May) and therefore there have been a few loose ends that have needed tidying up. I am really looking forward to the launch on the 30th at the Hay Festival and meeting Paralympian Josie Pearson and World-record-holding Adventurer Maria Leijerstam! I think it will be the highlight of my time at Atebol! Plus, I get to look after both of them throughout the day, meaning I can really get to know them, how cool is that?!

So, as the weekend arrived it was time for revision, and lots of it! My exam was on Tuesday afternoon and as it was the last exam I know what percentage I had to achieve to get my first overall, making it even more nerve-wracking! The exam went okay, could have gone better, but could have gone worse, but it was over, meaning Tuesday night could be spent celebrating the end of exams and my housemate Liam’s 21st birthday!

I made cake… lots of cake, and there is still a bit left now! It was a good night out, and I made sure I spent it with the boys as Liam was the birthday boy! Which involved a few games of pool before heading to the club, rather than dancing the night away!

It is strange that university is over with but I really cannot wait to move into my new flat and face my next challenge!


P.s. entered the race for life spontaneously this week too! Was really fun and a really worthy cause, will definitely do it again next year, I will have to beat my time!! AND we were in the Cambrian news for doing it!