Okay folks- this is the first in a series of blogs for all those lovely people starting Aber  this September.  One of the big things that a lot of people seem to be worried about is what to bring, so here is my recommended list. We’ll start off with stuff for the kitchen:

This is a list of basics with which you can cook most meals.  Consider getting stuff from charity shops rather than buying new. There are some great charity shops in Aber as well. Don’t bring anything you aren’t prepared to sacrifice to the Kitchen Goblins.

Once you have established what everyone else in your flat has and what you want to cook for the rest of the year you can add to this list. This is simply to get you started.

Crockery: This means plates, cereal bowls etc.  I would recommend 2 each of Large Plates, Small  Plates, and Cereal Bowls. DON’T bring anything expensive or part of your parents’ heirloom dinner service.  You could also add a couple of pasta bowls (the shallow dishes) as they are quite useful.

Cutlery: Again 2 each of Knives, Forks, Large Spoons and then loads of teaspoons. Teaspoons disappear into some parallel universe never to be seen again.

Mugs and Glasses:  Mugs are more useful. Whilst it is nice to have the correct glassware for wine, scotch, sherry etc. bear in mind that you can drink everything out of a mug. Four mugs is a good number. If you feel the need, an insulated mug for taking hot drinks to lectures is also good to have. (You will probably get a few mugs foisted upon you over Freshers’ week as well.) If you just want something to drink squash or fruit juice from, consider getting plastic beakers as they have a greater life expectancy.

Cooking Utensils:

A large Saucepan and a smaller saucepan both with lids. (Stainless steel is better than non-stick mainly because when someone “forgets” to wash up or manages to weld soup to your pan you can use steel wool to clean it.)

Frying Pan. (If you get a non-stick one you will need to use plastic or wooden utensils with it.)

Baking Tray/ Pizza Tray. (Pizza tray is great for doing oven chips and garlic bread as well as pizza. A baking tray with deeper sides is more useful than a baking sheet.)

Ovenproof Dish with lid (great for casseroles, crumbles, roasting things. A ceramic one can also be micro-waved.)

Colander. (Small holes work better for draining rice!)

Measuring Jug. (Glass or plastic.)

Microwaveable bowl (glass is better as it won’t stain orange if you cook beans in it)  / Mixing bowl.

Cheese Grater.

Sharp Knives. ( A small one for veg, a large one for meat, cake etc. A serrated bread knife is also useful.)

Chopping Board. (Get a couple and learn how to avoid food poisoning.)

Wooden Spoon/ Wooden Spatula / Fish Slice/ Balloon Whisk/ Veg Peeler.

Tin Opener/ Corkscrew/ Bottle Opener (Guard all of these like your first born child)

Three or four Tupperware type boxes with lids in different sizes. (Seriously useful for storing leftovers in and for taking food out and about).

Roll of tinfoil. Roll of Sandwich Bags.

Tea Towels (Get a couple. They will die horribly and in terrible pain. There is no way around this.)

Washing Up Liquid / Sponge Scourers/ Stainless steel pan scrubber.

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  1. Defend your cutlery, there’s nothing like a bit of sharing between the flat, but I brought 6x of each piece of cutlery here. As I pack I have come to the realisation I have one spoon remaining. (that’s it, no forks or knives o.O ) – all cutlery vanishes.

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