Here we go then, results.

I’ve received a lot of results myself recently – the result of my degree, the outcome of my masters application and i’m still waiting for some results for scholarships and funding for next year. So I understand how everyone feels at the moment what with your A Level results just around the corner! There’s a fortnight to go right? Time flies doesn’t it, I’m sure you remember your first day at high school and now you’ve finished!! Scary isn’t it

I’m lucky, i received a merit award aftersitting the exam papers for the entrance scholarships here at Aberystwyth University. And so I got an unconditional offer but it was still important for me to try my best and I still worried about my results as everyone else did. Worrying is natural but it is important not to worry too much about results as it is does nothing to help! It’s too late for you to be able to do anything about it now anyway so the best thing to do is prepare yourself for the results you want and those you do not want. Consider the two scenarios!

GOOD – Have received the ideal number of UCAS points, need to confirm my place.
BAD – Did not receive the ideal number of UCAS points, need to go through the Clearing process.

It’s as simple as that at the end of the day!

I know you do not want to think the worst but think of it this way: if you’ve thought about it and the worst happens then you know what to do!

First of all if the ‘worst’ happens then it’s not that bad at all! There are PLENTY of options available for you. I was reading an article recently about the A Level results

“Missing the A-levels grades might feel like the end of the world. But for many, it is the just the start of theirs.”

I remember seeing the faces of some of my friends who did not recieve their ideal results on the 18 August 2011, but by today all of them have graduated with at least a 2:1 if not first class honours! Which is evidence that the above quote is true. So take a deep breath, try not to worry too much and enjoy the rest of your summer holidays!!

There is information on our website about the Clearing process so go to the link below for more information on how to go about it etc.


And i might see some of you here in September.

Wooooooo 🙂

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