Hello my lovelies,

This is Elena – the freshman newbie (an awful combination, if you ask me!) But it’s all the more exciting too as we all start from somewhere, right? So this is my starting point, destination: unknown. But let us not talk about destinations (which are very far from my reach currently) but let us talk of that starting point. For some this is just another year, for some others this may be their last year but for a freshman this is a new beginning. I mean, whose stomach doesn’t tie up in a knot while waiting for the results? Ηοwever, after they get those results they realize that they are indeed in, the train of daydreaming departs until the actual train to Aberystwyth (or in my case – airplane ) comes.

And needless to say, there are things to look forward to but they are also things that appear to be dreadful (finding a job, cough, cough). Probably each and every one of us looks forward to different things, after all Aberystwyth comes with so many possibilities you don’t know from where to start. At least, that is how I was when I first visited the society’s page; I found myself just gazing at the awesomeness and the first thought I had was “but I want to join most of them!” I ended up deciding it against it, so I thought about joining 8 societies instead. I can see you raising your eyebrow, beloved reader, but the temptation was far too great and what does Lord Henry Wotton say by Oscar Wilde’s pen? The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.

And who can even forget the first week also known as Freshers Week, huh?! It’s just before the courses start, a week of no responsibilities, a week of fun! It is another thing to look forward to but if I am being honest with myself, I am rather looking forward to visiting all the libraries in Aber (and I can’t wait for my courses to begin as well!) ; I just want to read all the literary books there are to read and hey, do not give me judgmental glances! I am pretty sure you must be quite passionate about your object of studying as well – you will be stuck with it for the rest of your life after all!

And then of course, I am looking forward to the experience as a whole; the possibilities are quite limitless and now it is the time to pursue hobbies that you never thought of before. For instance, apart from literature, creative writing, debating and theatre which are the things I find more joy in, I am also looking forward to start vlogging with a friend of mine. Ah! The delights of the 21st century!


So things to look forward to?

  • Courses (heh, I have been waiting this moment
    ever since I set my foot in High School)
  • Societies
  • Libraries
  • Kittens (rumor has it that they roam freely around in Aber
    and they actually can be petted!)
  • Vlogging

Question is, what are you looking forward to?

Until next time, folks, I hope you have an amazing week!

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