image001Hi there! I’m Alaw Gwyn, originally from Llanfair Talhaiarn but living in Aberystwyth at the moment. I’ve just finished my 3 year course in Drama and Education and I’m waiting patiently for the results (Joke. AAAH!) Currently I’m working for the University over the summer with the Marketing Department. But I haven’t had enough of the student life yet! I hope to study a masters in drama here in Aber next year, I’ve sent my application …. and I’m waiting for the result of that also. I’m doing quite a bit of a waiting at the minute.

Right. Facts. Uuum ……………..

‘The name’s Gin, Alaw Gin’ I’ve been known as Alaw Gin (I’ve no idea why!) since fresher’s week in first year but by now the Alaw’s gone and I’m known as Gin to most of my friends .

I lived in Pantycelyn for 2 years, where I made friends for life, before moving down to live in town with ‘Genod Nant (that was the name of our corridor in Pantycelyn in second year) Yes, 12 girls all on ONE big corridor – you can imagine the noise we made!

I’ve had part-time jobs in Aberystwyth since second year, working at a local nursery and an ambassador for the University.

I enjoy sports and socializing, and I am a faithful member of UMCA (Aberystwyth Welsh Students Society) and Geltaidd (Aberystwyth Welsh Sports Society ) Last year I had the privilege of being captain for the Geltaidd girls football team

My car is called Beryl.

My favourite colour is green.

My favourite place is Aberystwyth.

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