gwennoHello, my name is Gwenno Edwards and I’m originally from Pentrefoelas, I doubt that not many people know where Pentrefoelas is but it’s by Betws y Coed. I’ve lived in Aberystwyth now for three years and I will be graduating this summer in Professional Welsh. I will be one of only seven people in the whole wide world which are graduates in that degree since it’s a new degree being offered only by Aberystwyth University. I now work for the marketing department over the summer period, while still looking for permanent work or otherwise wasting time ‘till September where I’ll be starting a master’s course but unfortunately not in Aberystwyth.

Before coming to University I was pretty much the only ‘Gwenno’ I knew, but of course there was many more of us in Aber, and therefore why my nick name was established. I started off as ‘Gwens,’ then progressed to ‘Gwedwards,’ and by now I’m known in Aber as ‘Gweds.’ Short and sweet. I lived in Pantycelyn for my first year, sharing a room with another girl. To every one whose gutted after hearing you have to share a room- please stop, it was one of the best things that has happened to my during my time at university! Shortly after moving into Pantycelyn, room 139 was known as the common room among the northwalians and also known to the porters as the noisy room! They were quite glad that we moved into a hose which is dubbed ‘The Manshyn’ for our second and third year, where I lived with 10 other girls.

I know having a job while at University isn’t something that appeals to everyone and it certainly didn’t to me but working as a student Ambassador for the department of Welsh along with fellow blogger Cerys Davey was a perfect way of having a bit of pocket money for a few days’ work.

Like many Welsh students here at Aber I’m a member of UMCA (Aberystwyth’s Welsh Students’ Union) and the Geltaidd which is the Welsh medium sports society. Between them they have plenty of events to keep you occupied throughout the year!

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