ElenaHello everyone!

My name is Elena, an 18 year-old student from Greece and also – a freshman. A freshman. It seems like yesterday when I was a freshman at High School. And now University! There is something dreadful about it; to end something and to start something anew. Leaving everything behind. A new chapter, a new story to tell. And what are stories if you cannot share them? I have vowed to myself that this year I will suck the marrow out of life, this year I will make the best of what there is, so be rest assured many stories are to be told (and yes, there will be lots of embarrassing stories. Why, I think my first day of courses will be rather humorous for me. If you hear a girl squealing at the top of her lungs, running around, singing a song from my Fair Lady and hugging herself in excitement – that will probably be me.) And at this point, I should mention that I will be studying English Literature/ Drama & Theatre studies.

And you may ask, oh, but how on earth did you end up from Greece in the UK? Long story short, I have been an ardent lover of Literature (along with social media; they are a guilty pleasure of sorts) since a young age and I find great delight as well as satisfaction in writing and acting. I always pictured myself in the UK and Aberystwyth had captured my heart before I even knew it. And our escapades have not even started yet; I no longer seek Ithaca, now it is the journey that manners and it will be a delightful one, to be rest assured.

And I want you to join me! We will always have something to talk about but I also want to hear your voice, your opinion on whatever we may be discussing at that time. Be it Halloween, Christmas parties or even societies (for I am intending to join a great deal of them & I will make sure to let you know of them all…or at least some of them), I want to hear your thoughts. So yes, those are going to be the best three years of our lives and we may as well take advantage of that!

See you on the other side, folks!

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