ruthMy Name is Ruth Kangwa, I am a Marketing student here at Aberystwyth University.

I grew up in Zambia then moved to England when I was 11; I’d always aspired to be in higher education, but was unsure which subject I would specialise in. Therefore I chose a diverse range of GSCE’s (History, Business Management, Art and Sports Studies) this helped narrow down my options.

When writing my college application I based It on the subject I enjoyed the most in my last years of high school. This was business; since marketing had been one of my modules, I decided I wanted to explore it more and get to grips with its origin. I went on to take a gap year in which I worked part time, went to Zambia, and travelled. Being one of many student who took a gap year after college I was convinced I was “independent” and “wise” enough to handle uni. “It’s gonna be a breeze” I told myself on my first day. However much to my dismay I found out that studying is about wisdom, knowledge and understanding however the “uni experience” is about recklessness in attempt at self-discovery.

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