profile pic aber insidersHi! I’m Sarah. I’m a third year student of English Literature and Creative Writing at Aberystwyth. Sadly my time here is coming to an end in a few short months, but I’ll be delighted to share some of my experiences and some little tips here with you.

I grew up in Shropshire, but went to high school and sixth form over the border in Powys, where I fell in love with Wales – the language, the landscape, the people. I decided I wanted to come to Aberystwyth when I was fourteen years old, and when I eighteen I came out here with my collections of mugs and of Shakespeare.

Mine hasn’t been quite what you’d call a ‘typical’ University experience – in my Fresher’s Week I didn’t do very much drinking – unless you count all the cups of tea I drank with the man that I’m marrying this summer. I adore Aberystwyth, and I’ll be sticking around in the town after I’ve graduated, but it’s something special to be a student here. I’ll be trying to share with you in some small ways exactly why this place is so very important to me.

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