sion-bettsHi Everyone! My name is Sion Betts, I’m a mature student (don’t be cheeky) and a postgraduate. This is my first year at Aberystwyth. I’m studying for a Masters in Scriptwriting in the Theatre, Film and Television Studies Department and I’m hoping to go on to do a PhD. I graduated last millennium from Keele University with a BSc in Geology. I’m a writer when I’m not being a student and my first novel is out next year. (Small plug, may need PAT testing, more on that later.)

I like Chocolate, Cake, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Bodyboarding, Hillwalking, Fencing, talking to interesting people, the Theatre and Horror Films. You are most likely to find me doing a combination of these things. But maybe not all of them at once. Usually just one or two. Hmm cake…

I am a part-time Dandy-Anarchist and strong believer in doing it now, before it is too late. (Although I am still attempting to establish what “It” actually is.) I’m open to offers and suggestions, be nice.

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